Making a living From your Gold

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There is a whole lot of junk that is perhaps in your own home right now that could be worth money. Jewelry, key rings, watches, broken jewelry and jewelry with missing stones may be worth money. So can coins and anything that looks like it may be fabricated from gold, silver or platinum.

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If you should get some quick cash fast go through your attic, your jewelry box, your trunks and closet. Any item that looks like it is perhaps made from a precious metal or contains gemstones could possibly be worth some money. This includes earrings, cufflinks, grills, chains, rings, lockets, medals, key chains etc.

Any of these items could be worth just a few dollars. You will have to take it to a good buyer and ask them to check out it.

How Much Will Jewelry Be Worth
The reason jewelry and other items is perhaps worth money is that the price of gold and other precious metals goes up. Even scrap and broken jewelry might be worth just a few dollars.

A reputable buyer will not pay you the same price you see listed for precious metals in the newspaper. Instead they will pay a lower price because many of the gold used in jewelry is lower karat. Which means that it contains other metals that weren’t worth as much.

Even whether it is lower karat gold will still be worth money. This implies it may very well be worth your while to take it to a reputable buyer.

The way to Sell Old Jewelry
If you discover any item in your house that is likely to be fabricated from a precious metal simply take it to a company that buys such items. Attempt to go to an established company that has been operating in your community for years.

Don’t go to a kind of sales or seminars which can be held at locations resembling hotels. Local stores will generally pay you more in your items. Companies based in the new York area or Long Island will generally pay you more for items. Most companies gives you cash in your items.

New York based companies will actually use scales which might be calibrated by the state and inspected by the state. Because of this you already know you’ll be getting your money’s worth from these dealers.

There are even some buyers that will come to your own home and look over things. Which means if you have a number of jewelry or you can’t get to a store they’ll come to you.

Anybody should be able to get cash for items product of precious metals. Because of this your junk might be worth cash.

Karen Simpson has is an expert on jewelry and precious metals. She is currently working with New York and Long Island’s most respected gold buyer.

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