Luxury Spanish Island Breaks For Wine Connoisseurs

Step away from the crowds of the Mallorcan and Lanzarote resorts and you will discover the fascinating wine-growing regions of these beautiful islands.

If, while you think concerning the Spanish islands, your mind conjures up images of busy Mallorcan and Lanzarote resorts, it’s time to rethink. Let me introduce you to another side of those popular destinations, a side of rural idylls where you can sample locally grown wines in beautiful remote locations.

Lately the wines of Spain’s popular islands of Lanzarote and Mallorca have begun to make ripples amongst the world’s leading oenophiles although admittedly the ripples are small ones as befits the dimensions of the islands they come from.

But while the world may be catching up, for me these wines are precious precisely because of their local nature. For my part that means the best place to try them is just a few kilometres from where they were made.

A Wine-Tasting Holiday to Mallorca

For centuries you can be hard pushed to find Mallorcan wines outside of Mallorca, and that’s not simply because vine-growing and wine production on the island are limited. The reality is that the Mallorcan’s like their own wine so much that they’re happy to consume most of what they create themselves.

So while Mallorcan wine is a well-kept secret, I discovered the joy of sampling the delicious white Nounat a mix of Chardonnay and the local Prensal Blanc grape while sitting on a terrace overlooking the Bodegas Binigrau where the grapes were grown.

Stone Island Sweatshirt Black Collection - TONICI’ve since been back countless times to travel across the regions of Binissalem and Pla i Llevant, where most of the wine on the island is made, and each time I’ve made a new discovery and found a new favourite vintage.

To attempt to replicate that wonderful experience, we have added the luxurious Es Moli hotel to our collection. Set in the unspoilt, rural countryside of Mallorca, with a lovely terraced garden and excellent restaurant, it makes the right base from which to find the wines and vineyards of the island.

An Oenophile Adventure in Lanzarote

The first thing you’ll notice, once you get away from the Lanzarote resorts across the coast, is the strange stone piles you see littering the countryside. What you may not at first realise, is that you’ve stumbled upon the island’s vine-growing region.

The stone piles are one of many ways the viniculturists here have devised to overcome the difficult terrain and produce some seriously good wines. Having to deal with volcanic soil and strong winds, the wine-makers have found an ingenious way of battling the environment, by digging their vines into dugouts and surrounding them with stone windbreaks.

Probably the greatest places to see this, after which to taste the superb result, are the estates of La Geria. The realm chargeable for a lot of the wine produced on the island, La Geria is an ideal place for would-be wine connoisseurs to go to.

For those looking to become more acquainted with the wines of this region, we provide the perfect holiday option of a stay at the boutique hotel, La Casona de Yaiza. With just 10 elegantly designed bedrooms and a tranquil, rural atmosphere, the hotel provides a luxurious base from which to explore the local bodegas.

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So for your next holiday, avoid the hustle and bustle of the Mallorcan and Lanzarote resorts and instead allow us to arrange a grown-up oenophile experience, so you possibly can discover a special side to those beautiful islands.

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