Liam Gallagher Attacks Brother Noel In Twitter Rant

Their fractious relationship produced some of the best music of the Nineties but soon collapsed into a protracted-standing feud.

Stone Island Pullover Herren S Blau Baumwolle Einfarbig - eBayAnd Liam Gallagher returned to form on Sunday, taunting his brother Noel in an epic Twitter tirade, declaring that his former Oasis band mate was a ‘fake’.

The Mancunian, 44, announced on Twitter that his first single from his new album As You Were would be called Not On the market.

Twitter tirade: Liam Gallagher, 44, launched into an epic Twitter rant about his brother Noel, calling the singer a ‘fake’ and mocking his solo career on Sunday

He quickly launched into an attack on Noel by implying that his brother was a ‘fake’ who put on an act when he returned to his home town of Manchester.

Liam tweeted: ‘See the fake bombing about in his stone island again coz he is in manc he’ll be back in his Prada 1st thing tmorrow LG X’ (sic)

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The singer was referring to Stone Island, an Italian company known for their parka jackets, which he claimed his brother had switched for high fashion.

He then attacked Noel’s solo career, slamming his brother’s single Rockin’ Chair.

He tweeted: ‘Opening with Don’t look back in anger ending with Rocking chair bout time they were done proper LG not on the market.’ (sic)

Epic rant: Liam bombarded Noel with insults on the social networking site, calling him a ‘fake’ and implying that he placed on an act when he returned home to Manchester

Don’t Look Back In Anger: Liam went on to say that he could sing any song Noel wrote ‘bigger better than him’ and said he hoped he made Noel’s fans ‘mad’

Liam then quickly directed his ire to Noel’s fans, saying that he could sing ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ than his brother even if he was hit in the ‘b*****’ by a ‘wood pigeon’.

‘To all you NG fanboys I can and will sing any song he wrote bigger better than him even when I used to be kicked within the b***** by a wood pigeon LG.’ (sic)

He ended his Twitter rant with a defiant message to anyone who didn’t like his music, saying that he hoped his new album ‘sends you mad’.

Restrained: Noel has to this point refused to retaliate and maintained a social media silence after his brother Liam’s taunts

‘To the people who dig what I am about I know you will freak out as its proper to the individuals who hate what I am about I hope it sends you mad LG.’ (sic)

To date, Noel has yet to answer his brother’s bizarre messages on the social networking site.

It is not the first time that Liam has lashed out at his brother on Twitter.

In a single memorable incident last year, he called him a ‘potato’ and a ‘yes man’.

Return to form: Last year Liam bizarrely called his brother a ‘potato’ on Twitter

Liam famously quit Oasis in 2009 just as the band was about to play a gig and the volatile duo have been at loggerheads ever since.

Getting frank about their physical conflict, Noel, 49, told Esquire magazine in 2015 that the band collapsed after a ‘massive fistfight.’

‘The last six months were f***ing awful,’ he recalled. ‘It was excruciating. Me and Liam had a massive, massive, massive fistfight three weeks before the world tour started.

‘And fights like that up to now would always be easy to rectify but for some reason I wasn’t going to let it go this time. I was similar to, “F**k this ****.” And there was an atmosphere all the way around the globe.’

Stone Island Lambswool Crew Neck jumper - Stone Island Knitwear and ...

Opening up: Noel has previously spoken about the brothers’ ‘massive fist fight’ just before an Oasis world tour

The musician even blasted his brother in a foul-mouthed rant on stage that July, mid-way through a High Flying Birds gig at Cork’s Marquee venue.

He told a heckler on the show: ‘Liam’s at home looking at himself in the mirror. Fortunately, he’s still not as big a c*** as you are. Imagine that. Being the larger c***.’

Previously, Liam distinguished between ‘the band Noel’ and his brother ‘our kid,’ telling the Clash in 2003 that he ‘f***in’ despise[d]’ the musical side of Noel but still loved him, as a person.

Uneasy relationship: The brothers have feuded since 2009 when Liam famously quit Oasis just before the band were because of play a gig

Lashing out: The pair have criticised each other within the press through the years with Liam once explaining that he loves Noel as an individual but hated him as a band mate

He revealed: ‘He knows my feelings. Everyone knows my feelings, I am not shy with that.

‘I like our kid – as within the Noel that is not in a band and not within the music business and not all that bullsh** that people see he’s. However the band Noel? The f***in’ geezer that is in the band? I f***in’ absolutely f***in’ despise [him].

‘And I guess he feels the identical way. But should you speak to him, he’ll probably go: “Yeah, I do know; I hate both the c***s’.

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