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Stone Island Jumper - 6515508A3 Khaki - Aphrodite1994Stone Island is an Italian company that gives premium men’s clothing. This company was started in 1974 by the Art Director and Bolognese intellectual, Massimo Osti. Being probably the most talented souls to have ever been in the fashion industry, he was the inventor of varied din techniques and materials which changed the world of fashion as we comprehend it. The Stone Island sportswear brand was established in the year 1982 in Ravarino. Its first label was C.P. Company. Stone Island conducts extreme research in fibers and textiles to create innovative and unique style. Stone Island has redefined sportswear. It experiments with various fabrics, dyes, and treatments to ultimately produce one of the best end product. This company, over time, with its intensive research and experiments, has produced greater than 60,000 dye recipes.

The name “Stone Island” has been taken from essentially the most recurring words in the novels of Joseph Conard. To personalize and supply a unique identification to the brand, badges were created. Stone Island is well-known for its compass patch that is buttoned on the sleeve of the left arm. Initially, the patches had green edged batches. Later from the year 2000, they became black edged. The rarer white patches are also available but they were buttoned only on certain jackets to celebrate the millennium. The white badges are patched only on those jackets whose materials are made exclusively in-house. The very first collection of Stone Island, Tella Stella, included 7 jackets were made from with a rigid and dense two-tone material. With its constant and critically detailed experiments in creating never-before-used fabric, Stone Island has been successful in the discovery of new techniques and materials that have never been seen before. With its headquarters at Ravarino, Italy, Stone Island ships their products worldwide.

Stone Island recreates fabrics in their unique ways with modifications and discoveries that result in the production of materials which aren’t just aesthetic and serves the aim of latest needs. Jackets which are made using in nylon monofilament have been derived from the property of water filtering are thermosensitive and highly reflective. The cotton vacuum material is as light as a feather, is coated with 100% stainless steel serves in protecting on-board computers. Together with these, other materials like polyester felt and Kevlar have been developed by Stone Island. Stone Island’s Novel jackets use thousands of glass shards that reflect light and are named as “Liquid Reflective”. Stone Island’s signature logo has become synonymous with the football subculture for casual clothing and it emerged as one of the peaks of inspirational outerwear. Stone Island gained a milestone in its popularity across the market in the US after its transition into street fashion. With celebrities like Rapper Drake being one among their biggest fans. tone Island works through the Express Delivery of its products where the shipment reaches within two to four working days worldwide. Additional import fees and tax may apply. Stone Island has a return policy of their shipment with the thirty days from its purchase. A pre-addressed UPS label to at least one’s shipment order and a deduction of service charge will only be formulated to imitate the return policy system.

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