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Grover Norquist is losing friends so quickly you’d think he was Mitt Romney’s Facebook account. The State Department refused to appoint Andrew W. K. a cultural ambassador to Bahrain, so it is probably not a stretch to assume that GWAR won’t play the following state dinner. And John McCain will meet with Susan Rice tomorrow to debate the Benghazi consulate attack, security at diplomatic buildings and why people get all bent out of shape when he writes checks at grocery stores. That is HUFFPOST HILL for Monday, November 26th, 2012:

SENATE TALKING ABOUT TALKING ABOUT TALKING – Mike McAuliff: “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) warned senators Monday to oppose the growing momentum for dramatic reform of the filibuster, saying, ‘It could also be crucial thing you ever do.’…Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has been signaling his readiness to curb the tactic, often noting that he has faced 385 filibusters during his leadership while Lyndon Johnson needed to deal with only one when he ran the Senate…Making such a rule change within the Senate would normally require a 67-vote majority. But when the Senate comes back into session in January, Democrats could use a set of procedural rules often called the “nuclear option” and pass the changes with a simple 51-vote majority. It is that possibility that McConnell targeted in his Senate floor speech, saying such a move could be a pure power grab that would only make partisanship worse in the upper chamber.” [HuffPost]

HuffPost Hill asked Jeff Merkley, who’s leading the push for filibuster reform, why he thought McConnell was so opposed, provided that he’ll need to ram stuff through the Senate if he ever takes it over. “Reconciliation,” he said. “Remember they put a number of stuff through reconciliation when they were in charge before. And plus, he can change the principles when they’re within the majority. He is not actually foregoing — there may be always a new reason to do something. ‘Did not make sense four years ago; is smart now.'”

ORRIN HATCH’S HEART BLEEDS – Orrin Hatch, after telling Grim that lazy persons are gaming every one in all the federal government’s safety net and social insurance programs: “And look, let’s make it very clear: I am the primary to need to take care of the truly poor. I’ve always been there. But we have got to find a way that individuals help to tug the wagon.”

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn today set dates for the special elections to fill Jesse Jackson Jr.’s House seat. The primary shall be held on February 26th and the general on March 19th. Currently, everyone in Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District — except maybe for Bloom Highschool’s mascot (go Trojans!) — has expressed interest in the seat. For a listing of the possible candidates, take a look at this rundown at National Journal.

SUSAN RICE ON THE HILL – Fox News’ composite graphic of Rice’s five Sunday show appearances goes to need to take a vacation after this. The Hill: “Susan Rice is meeting with senators on Capitol Hill this week in an effort to handle lawmakers’ concerns about her role in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The ambassador to the United Nations is sitting down individually with senators from both parties on Monday and is predicted to continue her briefings on Tuesday, based on sources, when she will informally meet with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Her visit has heightened speculation that President Obama will nominate her as secretary of State and thereby risk a tough fight with Republicans at the start of his second term.” [The Hill]

@JesseRodriguez: NBC: Amb Susan Rice will meet with Senators McCain, Graham, and Ayotte tomorrow

DAILY DELANEY DOWNER – Eric Cantor keeps talking about this difficult-luck cook he met in a Montana airport restaurant, so DDD talked to the guy. He’s Missoula resident Timothy Thomas, 37. Reached by telephone during his shift at Jedediah’s on the Airport in Missoula on Monday, Thomas said he made lunch for Cantor’s entourage, and then Cantor came into the kitchen to say thanks (he had a garden salad with a side of tuna), and Thomas said he told the House majority leader his personal story. “What I told Eric Cantor was, I’m grateful to have this job and everything, but it surely sucks,” Thomas said. “Living paycheck to paycheck, barely squeaking by.” Thomas said he started working in construction in 2002 after serving four years within the Marines. When the housing bubble popped, the work dried up, and Thomas took a job working for a chef in 2009. He said he’s grateful for his job, though it pays $9.50 an hour — much lower than the $25 an hour he used to make in construction. It’s a typical story in a lame economic recovery fueled by low-wage jobs. “Ever because the Democrats took the White House, there is no work,” Thomas said. “I wished [Cantor] the best but I also said, ‘You guys need to get with this system up in Washington. This is not working, all this gridlock.'” He also predicted an Atlas Shrugged-style dystopia. [HuffPost]

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GROVER NORQUIST LOSING FRIENDS – Do not forget that scene from “The Wire” when a deflated Dennis “Cutty” Wise approached Avon Barksdale and confessed that “I ain’t got it in me no more…”? This is form of like that, but with a bunch of old white guys (“Got dat Lipitor…”): “Open criticism of Grover Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform group’s anti-tax pledge continued to make its solution to the forefront of debate on Monday, with Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) saying that his only real obligation was to serve his constituents by finding an extended-term solution to avert the so-called ‘fiscal cliff.’ ‘I’m not obligated on the pledge,’ Corker told Charlie Rose of CBS News, responding to a question about growing disenchantment among Republicans who had previously stood in agreement with Norquist’s strict ‘no new taxes’ pledge.” [HuffPost’s Nick Wing]

DEMOCRATS <3 SUPER PACS - Politico: "Shortly after Election Day, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and top White House aides spoke at a three-day secret meeting of major Democratic donors and officials from liberal outside groups gearing up for 2014, POLITICO has learned. Among the groups represented: Priorities USA Action, the super PAC that is vowing to remain a player in Democratic politics, even though President Barack Obama won't run for office again; American Bridge 21st Century, the oppo shop that helped sink Missouri Rep. Todd Akin's GOP Senate bid; the Pelosi-backed House Majority PAC; the secret-money organizing nonprofit America Votes; and the pro-choice group EMILY's List. Some of those groups or their allies are considering expanding into state politics, policy fights or even primaries on both sides. And they have already gone back to their 2012 donors to ask for more cash while the euphoria from winning is still fresh. Their goal: a permanent network of officially blessed independent groups that leverages liberals' increasing acceptance and appreciation of outside money to compete with a much-better-funded Republican shadow party." [Politico]

IS THE THIRD TIME A CHARM FOR THIS FAILED ATHLETE AND POLITICIAN? Heath Shuler really puts his back into selling out. Charlotte News & Observer: “The day after Rep. Heath Shuler’s third term expires on Jan. 3, 2013, the outgoing congressman will start lobbying for Duke Energy. The corporate announced Monday that Shuler will hold the title of senior vice president of federal affairs. ‘We are pleased Heath will probably be joining our team in Washington,’ said Keith Trent, speaking on behalf of Duke Energy in a release. ‘Heath is well known in Washington for working with leaders from both political parties and for bringing people together in his district in Western North Carolina.'” []

WEST VIRGINIA: CAPITO ANNOUNCES SENATE BID – West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful and The Place Where A Convicted Felon Can Nearly Upset A Democratic President With Working-Class Roots but A Scion Of One among America’s Most Wealthy Dynasties Can Handily Win Reelection Four Times. Roll Call: “Rockefeller, 75, and a West Virginia institution first elected to the Senate in 1984, is considered a top potential Senate retirement. Capito, first elected in 2000, has long been considered the Republicans’ top prospect to take a Senate seat in the Mountain State. But she took a pass on running against Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin III this year. A well-liked former governor, Manchin cruised to victory earlier this month. She also passed on challenging Manchin in the 2010 special election to fill the vacancy attributable to the death of Democratic Sen. Robert C. Byrd.” [Roll Call]

Next stop, Rapegaffeville: “The Club for Growth is already pushing the 2014 GOP field in as conservative a direction as possible, questioning the Senate candidacy of Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.), who announced Monday that she is going to challenge Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.). In a press release on Monday morning, Club for Growth president Chris Chocola pointed to the 2012 losses of Senate candidates who were backed by the GOP establishment and therefore didn’t face a competitive primary challenge.” [HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel]

ETHICS COMMITTEE INVESTIGATING MICHAEL GRIMM – This being the House Ethics Committee, the worst thing the Staten Island Republican might have to endure might be a sternly worded letter and, if the findings are REALLY bad, three hours cleaning John Boehner’s ashtrays. AP: “The House Ethics Committee announced Monday that Rep. Michael Grimm, a former FBI agent, is under investigation for possible campaign finance violations, but said it is deferring the inquiry because of a separate Justice Department probe. The brand new York Republican may have violated campaign finance laws by soliciting and accepting prohibited contributions, actions which will have caused false information to be included in campaign finance reports, the committee said. One focus of the investigation is whether the congressman improperly sought assistance from a foreign national, by soliciting contributions in exchange for offering to make use of his official position to help the person in obtaining a green card, in response to a committee statement.” [AP]

We’re NEVER GOING To go away AFGHANISTAN – Like the Cubs’ World Series drought, the lines at a Broward County polling station and herpes, America’s military presence within the war-torn nation is forever. WSJ: “Top Obama administration officials want to maintain around 10,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan when formal combat ends in 2014, cementing a limited, long-term American military presence in the country if Kabul agrees, said senior U.S. officials. A post-2014 troop level of that size would represent the midpoint of preliminary recommendations by Gen. John Allen, the commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan. Gen. Allen has proposed maintaining a force between 6,000 and 15,000 U.S. troops to conduct training and counterterrorism efforts when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization mission formally concludes at the top of 2014, officials said. In contrast, the U.S. maintains no residual force in Iraq, a situation that has been blamed for instability in that country.” [WSJ]

TERRY BRANSTAD PROPOSES CRAZY INSURANCE – Des Moines Register: “Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad on Monday morning suggested a statewide series of fundraisers featuring Republican presidential candidates in its place to the long-running Iowa Straw Poll. ‘I believe, trying to the longer term, we’ll be capable of develop maybe a series of regional fundraisers and events that will help the party raise money as well as giving the candidates a chance for forums and visibility throughout the state,’ Branstad said during his weekly press conference…In recent cycles, however, the event has grown into more of a political festival and media spectacle, at the same time as its accuracy in choosing viable nominees has waned. In 2011, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann won the straw poll en route to a fifth-place finish in the caucuses and early exit from the race.” [Des Moines Register]

Vox populi, vox smartass: “In keeping with the newest numbers tallied by David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, President Obama has expanded his share of the popular vote to 50.8 percent, while Romney has fallen to 47.49 percent…Wasserman projects that Romney’s vote share will actually head more toward 47 percent flat — 47.1 percent or 47.2 percent — because most of the outstanding ballots in the presidential race come from California and New York, which both voted for Obama by a large margin.” [WaPo]

@Jordanfabian: 58% of voters under the age of 30 are white non-Hispanic. 76% of voters over 30 are white, non-Hispanic …

BAHRAIN NOT PARTYING HARD – This probably would not bode well for our whisper campaign to have Andrew Dice Clay replace Susan Rice as UN ambassador if she is nominated to head the State Department. Mother Jones: “Over Thanksgiving weekend, hard-rock performing artist and self-declared ‘King of Partying’ Andrew W.K. announced that he had just landed a brand new gig: America’s “cultural ambassador of partying” to Bahrain… A State Department spokesman confirmed to Mother Jones Monday that the man behind the 2001 party-rock album I Get Wet is not going to in truth be partying ’til he pukes in Bahrain–no less than, not in any official capacity. While Andrew W.K. was invited by a US embassy ‘cultural speakers program’ for a possible overseas trip to Bahrain, the embassy in Manama later determined that this system was “not appropriate” and canceled it promptly a while ago.” [Mother Jones]

I know, it’s only rock & roll but KIDS’ PANTS ARE TOO BAGGY: “The Supreme Court was once called Nine Old Men. That’s nothing compared to the ageless Rolling Stones. The justices on average are the child brothers and sisters of the forever young rock n’ rollers. The common age for the four living members of The Rolling Stones is about two years older than the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.” [AP]

BECAUSE You’ve got READ THIS FAR – Fox and cat are best friends.

Look at All the MAGICAL COLORS – HuffPost DC: “Worried about the fiscal cliff? Stop worrying and just go wander around to have a look at all the pretty colored lights.” [HuffPost]


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@evanmc_s: free idea: “If ____ walks away from the Norquist pledge, I’ll shave my ____.”

@daveweigel: So is Scott Brown just sitting around, refreshing his “John Kerry” google alert?

@LoganDobson: Grover Norquist is people, my friend.



6:30 pm: Saxby Chambliss, whose picture is undoubtedly thumbtacked to the wall of Grover Norquist’s office and is the target of untold number of darts, hosts his “Quarterly Max Out Reception.” We’re guessing “Annual Max Out Reception” is what he calls Thanksgiving. [Capitol Hill Club, 300 First Street SE]

6:00 pm: Kelly Ayotte, who was grounded by her parents for hanging out with the Three Amigos, is let out for a campaign function. [OLA Townhouse, 330 Maryland Ave NE]


6:00 pm: Will Tim Pawlenty soon be replaced by John Thune as America’s most forgotten Midwestern presidential candidate? Time will tell. In the meantime, he stops by the NRSC for a function benefiting his Heartland Values PAC. [NRSC, 425 2nd Street NE]

12:00 pm: Dan Coats doesn’t need to be the following Indiana Republican ousted by someone who thinks rape is just a Secret Santa gift from God, so here he’s, raising money. [Charlie Palmer Steak, 101 Constitution Ave NW]

Stone Island UK - 65360 Washed Crew Sweatshirt in Light Grey - Stone ...

6:00 pm: Mike Crapo, Idahoan that he is, can only get more conservative over time to ward off primary challenges until he becomes a singularity of climate denialism and tricorne hats. [Charlie Palmer Steak, 101 Constitution Ave NW]

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