Holidays To Bermuda And Sandys Parish

Sandys Parish contains some of essentially the most prominent attractions for those researching holidays to Bermuda. Listed here are just some of those great sights.

Holidays to Bermuda aren’t known for leaving visitors at a loss for things to do! There are so many great natural and man-made attractions that it’s almost a pity to single anyone area or sight out for special mention – but a word has to be reserved for the world referred to as Sandys Parish.

Named after a 16th century English aristocrat, Sir Edwin Sandys, the parish contains a number of the islandshottest attractions. In passing, it’s worth noting that Bermuda isn’t an island as such but several its formal name is actually “The Bermudas

The Royal Naval Dockyard

Stone island Ribbed Lambs Wool Beanie in Black for Men - LystUsually more informally known just as “Dockyard that is a formidable series of stone buildings constructed for the Royal Navy after the loss of the American Colonies and their harbours.
Originally a heavily militarised area, Dockyard is now a marvellous location to stroll around during holidays to Bermuda.

It is home to an ideal museum and if you’re into retail therapy, you’ll love the shopping malls and craft displays. Don’t miss the glass works, where you’ll be able to see it being made.

Dolphin Quest

Just alongside and arguably part of Dockyard is Dolphin Quest. As the name suggests, it’s a fantastic opportunity to enter the water and interact with dolphins under the guidance of experts naturally. They have special programmes for children and it’s hugely popular with visitors from world wide.

Cambridge Beaches

In the same parish is this wonderful cottage colony with an excellent health spa. Beautifully located on the shore, a vast range of facilities is on offer here including aromatherapy, massage, spa treatments, a fitness centre and a fantastic steam room. In the event you don’t feel better and reinvigorated after some time here, then you probably never will!

The Port Royal Golf Course

Regularly voted one of the (if not ‘the best public courses on the earth, Port Royal sets new standards for quality golfing surrounded by stunning ocean scenery. In the event you love golf, this course needs to be top of your ‘must visitlist for holidays to Bermuda.

Marvellous as Sandys Parish is, there are lots of other great parts of those islands but if you really wanted to, you could spend a complete holiday in this one small part of what is a comparatively small holiday destination.

Weather Conditions

The summers are hot but not usually unbearably so, with maximum temperatures reaching around 28-29C and cooling sea breezes. Humidity might be high on the height of summer.

Keep in mind that rain showers, usually only lasting a couple of minutes, are relatively commonplace (the island could be very green) so including a lightweight waterproof jacket or umbrella is commonly a good suggestion on holidays to Bermuda.

Getting There

Scheduled flights from the UK to Bermuda are offered by British Airways. Many flights also depart from various US and Canadian cities if you’re searching for a two centre Bermuda holiday.

The Bermudian Dollar is permanently pegged to the US Dollar at a rate of 1 to 1. All outlets on the islands accept the two currencies interchangeably, though the Bermudian Dollar isn’t traded outside of Bermuda itself.

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