Great Sailing Vacation In Tuscany

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Lately, more charter companies have opened up making it easy for people to see various destinations by sea. If you’re planning to go to Europe, why don’t you see what a Tuscany sailing vacation has to offer?

Tuscany is a region in Italy. It has an area of 22,990 km and a population of about 3.6 million inhabitants. The regional capital is Florence. Tuscany is understood for its landscapes and its artistic legacy. Six Tuscan localities have been UNESCO protected sites : the historical center of Florence, the historical center of Siena, the square of the Cathedral of Pisa, the historical center of San Gimignano, the historical center of Pienza and Val d’Orcia.

A Tuscany sailing vacation will take you to 7 different islands that may allow you to see ancient ports, beautiful coastlines and vast sceneries. The Mediterranean waters are rich in marine life and one in all the biggest in Europe.

The biggest island is the Tuscan archipelago of Elba which at one time was the positioning where Napoleon was exiled. Next to that is the island of Gilio that has both fine sand and pebbled beaches for many who wish to set foot on dry land.

One of the things you should not forget to go to is the island of Monte Cristo. You better get there as fast as you’ll be able to because it is proscribed to 100 visitors on any given day.

If in case you have scheduled a guide tour, it is possible for you to to go to Gorgona. For individuals who don’t mind walking 200 steep steps, you can be rewarded by the breathtaking beach of Cala Palombaia as well as the magnificent sea-grotto with deep blue stones called sassi turchini.

Your next stop will probably be Portoazzuro on the Elba Island that has beautiful crystal clear waters matched with picturesque bays, islets and coves. Next, you’ll cruise onto the magnificent sandy beaches of Portoferrio and Fetovaia, Calanova, Biodola and Costa del Sole.

You will enjoy a day excursion to Marciana Marina, an old colorful village with a vibrant nightlife providing you with time to drink and party with the locals.

For many who need to go scuba diving, you may accomplish that by sailing to Capraia Island near Portoferrio. Afterwards, you can head down over to Saint Florent, an extremely attractive small town with its beautiful ancient citadel.

Other places you will get to see in your Tuscany sailing vacation includes the port of Marina di Carrara where visitors will benefit from the magnificent views of Corniglia, Manarolia and picturesque Riomaggiore before heading further up the idyllic coast to Vernazza.

You will once again walk on land and be capable of explore the historic township and local traditions and culture of Portovenere.

There are different charter companies to choose from must you decide to go on a Tuscany sailing vacation. You possibly can choose to make use of bareboat yacht charters, yacht rentals, skippered, catamarans, sail boat charters and luxury super yacht charters.

While you book with any of them, this already includes the insurance deposit, gas, water, meals, outboard motor, inventory, end cleaning, local taxes, ports, linen and towels. Refreshments are not included in the package so you have to bring your own.

More information that will make it easier to decide which one to decide on will be found in magazines and the internet. You can even book on your trip online.But before you do make any booking, find out how much it costs, how long will the voyage last and what else is included within the package. In any case, you want your Tuscany sailing vacation to be perfect and memorable.

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