For sale: An Audacious Rendition Of A Frank Lloyd Wright

Around 50 miles north of recent York City (that’s just quarter-hour by chopper), sits Massaro House, an extravagant piece of real estate that cantilevers out over its very own island. Much of Petre Island is heavily wooded, so residents would do well to be prepared for any unexpected arrival who might appear, 007-style, out of the encompassing foliage.

David Light-Tc Blazer - NavyIn a bizarre twist, this 5,000 square-foot house with its six bedrooms was built in the last decade, despite the architect having designed it in 1950. It was originally meant for an engineer, Ahmed Chahroudi, who had briefed the architect to build him ‘a masterpiecethat may outstrip Fallingwater Wright’s acclaimed residence suspended over a Pennsylvanian waterfall. But Chahroudi ran out of cash after the construction of the relatively modest 1,200 square-foot cottage next door.

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The residence was finally realised by Joseph Massaro, a retired sheet-metal contractor. Built largely to the renowned modernist’s original plans, it’s a geometric sliver that hugs the westerly side of the 11-acre island. Low-lying, it juts over the craggy rocks, its horizontal planes supported by stone pillars. Its cement inlaid with stonework blends into the scenery and contrasts with all that glazing. There are more rocky outcrops inside, that are offset by the mahogany woodwork and warm colours of the furniture and murals.

Massaro House, Petre Island

However, there is some dispute in Wright circles as to Massaro House’s authenticity not least the addition of a helipad on the roof. But when you’re comfrotable living with controversy, it’s yours for $14.92m (£11.6m).

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