Finding A Junior Drum Set For your Young Drummer

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What is nice about junior or starter drum sets is that although they are quality instruments, they’re generally affordable. There are enough on the market now that you may generally find one for between $100 and $150. This is far lower than the several hundred dollars you would pay for a real drum kit. Plus, junior drum kits usually come with all of the accessories needed to start out drumming instantly, like drum sticks, bass pedal, throne (drumming seat), and drum key. This implies child drummers can usually start drumming immediately once they purchase their kit.

There are junior drum kits in a wide range of configurations, but generally choosing one is comparatively simply. Starter drum kits are normally first categorized by what number of ‘drums’ are within the kit. You’ll find 3-piece, 4-piece, and 5-piece junior drum sets, which really defines how many tom-tom drums include the kit along with the bass drum and snare drum. Any of those configurations are fine for a young drummer to start out drumming, it just a matter of preference and budget. Junior drum sets also include cymbals and a high-hat to finish the drum set components.

There are also different size child drum sets, and most will indicate the age appropriateness for each set. You may find small sets made for children ages 3-7, then sets for ages 7-10. A few of the larger child drum sets are suitable for children all the way into their teenage years, which they will use so long as they are fond of drumming and until they are ready to upgrade to a full set. These junior drum sets may even last a few years as well, as the principle parts that wear down are the drum heads that are easily replaced.

Finding an awesome drum set for teenagers is relatively easy as well. Many major musical instruments manufacturers who make drums will also make junior drum kits as a part of their product offerings, and as mentioned they’re generally affordable. You can find some upscale junior sets with more features that cost more. However an alternative choice is buying a used junior drum set. Since young drummers are always upgrading to full sets, and since their junior drum kits are usually perfectly useful, there are always plenty of used drum kits on the market. Looking on eBay for used child drum sets is a smart place for parents to find their child’s first drum set.

So if you may stand the noise of your child enjoying his new drum kit, but are willing to introducing him to the new world of drumming, then consider a starter drum set and get them started off in the proper direction.

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