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Really opened my eyes. Gulangyu very environmentally friendly, most people on the island are traveling on foot, there is little electric cars, vehicles to travel at all. The island has many villas, these villas are unique, some red walls and green tiles, some European architecture, some very old: the gray walls, dark red roof. A seat house patchwork. Every household in the yard are planted with trees, coconut trees, banyan, osmanthus tree ……, dizzying.
We went to the Sunlight Rock. Only climbed halfway up the mountain, I had sweat, as under the rain. But I still climb to the top of the observation deck. Climbed to the highest of the hill, I appreciate the views of the entire island: the island of trees. Beach in the sun’s radiation, becomes golden. The sea is blue, endless, water attached to the day, when the sun shines on the sea, the sea sparkling, a warm spring breeze blowing, the sea waves set off waves. Spring breeze caressed my face, so I feel good.
We went to the gorgeous Shu Zhuang Garden. Into the garden, I smelled the fragrance of flowers. The tour guide told us: “The rockery (made from stone) zodiac animal, you could find them.” After listening to those words, we’re all out of nine children, happily toward the rockery. Only an animal not found, all dejected. Qian Ru suddenly said: “Look, tigers here!” We smiled. There can be a garden Shuzhuang forty-four bridge, to not say there are 44 piers, nor is it has a 44 bay, is the owner of the garden at the age of 44 built.

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