Dishing Up Visionary Italian Style – Without The Cheese

Easter Island HeadsDo you remember the scene from Steven Spielberg’s E.T. when the alien comes out of his spaceship in a burst of blinding light? Well that’s just the form of special effect you’ll create while you appear in the Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket from their Fall-Winter 12/13 collection.

stone island junior jackets age 14 - Garden House Lazzerini

How does Stone Island bring movie-magic style lighting to the streets? With a fancy and dedicated process that starts when the jacket is hand-sprayed with thousands of glass microspheres. Then, the jacket is literally baked, as though it were some kind of bread, in an oven. The handcraft technique is what produces such an astonishing and unique piece of outerwear. This season also introduces the parka which combines Stone Island’s reflective technology with the thermo properties of a heat-sensitive fabric.

$ 1,075.00 1,250.00 | Want it? Grab it!

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