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The sad fact is the so called food production consistently yields far less food and is in the end, LESS sustainable. If the entire world consumed ONLY so called and non modified foods, a major global portion of otherwise healthy people , particularly in third world countries, would not be alive today for Cheap Stone Island Tubular Knit Hat In Black a complete lack of available food! Genetically engineered crops have greatly increased global food production and has saved MILLIONS of lives as a result. In order to keep up with the increasing needs of an ever growing world population, the Gabardine Cotton Cap In Ink efficiency and output of global food production will have to be increased by 50% 100% of todays output if future populations are to survive into the next century!


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I a kid with the dream. When I was a kid I had a dream that at 25 I will have a good job and a stable life. Well I turned 25 today and have no job.

In the October 1998 Single Scene Newspaper of Phoenix, Janet L. Jacobsen reported on a survey conducted at a singles dance with questions pertaining to dating and relationships. While the survey was in no way a scientific study, it points out a few interesting differences for consideration.