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Some four years ago, my sister, from her home in New York, and another from her home in Perth, Australia, were visiting our sister in Newbury, Berkshire, and decided to take a trip to Great Oakley. Standing outside the manor house recalling old memories a man appeared on a horse. He introduced himself as Lord Brooke, the grandson of the Lord Brooke we had stayed with.

The central location for the ball drop was held at 20th Century Theatre in Oakley, which is owned by Mark Rogers. Planning the event was not easy with the recent construction on Oakley Square, which had limited public access to Cheap Stone Island Cotton V-Neck Sweater Blue White Stripe local shops and businesses in the area. The Oakley construction project is now complete and this New Year’s eve party not only welcomes in the New Year, but also welcomes everyone to a brighter future in the Oakley business district.


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