Busines And Pleasure At the Isle Of Wight Festival

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I have been anticipating a quiet trip to the island for over a year now. Actually where I’m heading for, is going to be removed from quiet. I’m going to the 2011 Isle of Wight Festival held at Seaclose Park near Newport. But this year, I’m not just going to be attending as a rock enthusiast I have been invited to put in writing blog posts about the event for a neighborhood newspaper. It is absolutely exciting to be here as I have only ever done some event blogging at a couple of conferences prior to now. I hope I can get a backstage pass and meet someone famous to ask some questions for my readers!

So what’s all the fuss about? The Isle of Wight is the host to many great summer festival events including the popular Bestival and the IOW Festival at Newport. There is still numerous Bestival tickets still left, but the tickets fo the Isle of Wight festival are now all gone.

For those who were a known star at the tip of the sixties, you can be on the list of IOW festival musicians. There are a lot of greats on the list from the sixties, and it reads like a ‘who’s whoof rock and pop. Paul McCartney headlined the festival last year for the 40th anniversary, however the Fab Four didn’t appear as they has split before the IOW Festival in 1970. One other notable band absense was the Rolling Stones, who had done their massive gig in Hyde Park the summer before.

So who will probably be on the bill this year, and what is the very best route to get to the festival? Well, it is probably easier to answer the second part of the question first. Probably the greatest routes is to take the Wightlink ferry from Portsmouth, or the lightning-quick Fastcat which can make the crossing in about 18 minutes.

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