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Stone Island Brand Patch Sweater in Blue for Men - Lyst

Save 50% of the price by having us build a “ready to complete” island. The BBQ island will come shaped the way in which you want it, with the right openings exactly where you want them. The structure will come fully covered with cement board and ready to finish with stucco, tile, granite, stone or practically any finish material you want to make use of!

2. Save 70% of the associated fee by having us frame the BBQ island structure; sized and shaped the best way you want, with the right openings exactly where you want them. You purchase and apply the cement board and the finish materials and you will easily save.

3. Free advice and design assistance. Simply purchase your BBQ grill and equipment from us and we’ll offer you unlimited free advice while you build and/or finish your island. This can be done over the phone or in our shop from the guys who build hundreds of islands.

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