Australian Seafood Oprah Loves It!

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Australian Seafood Oprah Loves it!
Australian has a few of the world’s best local Seafood. Curtis Stone cooked Oprah a BBQ Seafood delight on Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island.

Stone Island - Official Online StoreOprah is a name known internationally. She represents strength, beauty and character. During her Australian Tour late 2010, she attracted many well-known celebrities to promote Australia and all it has to offer.

Curtis Stone, a well known Australian Chef joined Oprah on Hamilton Island, Whitehaven Beach cooking a beach BBQ and seafood delight for almost 100 guests. Hamilton Island is a fantastic and glamorous Queensland destination, with the best of Queensland Seafood Produce. Together they enjoyed a fun afternoon on the beach with friends and great food.

In case you have seen the footage, you’ll have seen a purpose built ice bar and a various and abundant range of local Seafood; king prawns, oysters, lobster, red claw crayfish and lobster. This really set my tastebuds is overdrive with the standard, presentation and appreciation that went into cooking with fresh local produce.

In reality, it really does take a team of experts to organise and coordinate a spectacle of this proportion. For many of us world wide, we do not need such extravagance. We simply want to buy and cook great seafood for us and our friends and family. Unfortunately we all cannot have a private chef like Curtis Stone.

If you’re having your individual weekend getaway or a party at home, you’ll be able to wow your guests with a good looking meal including fresh prawns, oysters and fish. Buying fresh will prevent time and money, and may not even require you to do any cooking!

Condiments and sauces are an amazing idea when serving seafood. They offer such a terrific presentation and really give the visual appeal. Lemons and limes give an important colour when next to prawns, and look fabulous when placed on ice; so simple, yet so effective.

A good looking sauce will finish off your seafood; try a homemade Seafood Sauce or homemade Mayonnaise with a touch of lemon, tomato sauce and Worcestershire Sauce. Cream might be substituted with mayonnaise if you happen to prefer. After getting learnt the right way to make Mayonnaise it’s possible you’ll buy it again, as it offers such a rich thick creamy taste and texture.

Enjoy your local seafood as did Oprah on her Australian Tour!

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