Are They The precise Choice?

There are a whole lot of variables that contribute to the price of granite counter tops. In most cases, the price of the stone slab is less than half the price of the finished product. There may be a considerable amount of labour involved in processing the raw granite slabs into the finished product that gets installed in your house or office. Also, the equipment and tooling required to process the granite is extremely expensive. Just the diamond router bits used to finish the exposed edges of the material can cost five to six thousand dollars per set, and a separate set of bits is required for each profile that is selected by the purchaser. These bits typically wear out within a number of months of use depending on the quantity of material processed. The equipment that the diamond router bits are used with can cost from several thousand dollars up to $ 400,000.00 for the one in all the latest CNC machines.

In our local market in Western Canada, granite counters typically cost $65 to $100 per square foot. Some of this cost variation will stem from the way the final counter tops are cut from the slabs, as well as type of edge finishing and amount of finished edges. For instance, a top for an island application may have more lineal feet of finished edges. Sink and faucet holes, and fancy edges will add to the price of the finished product also.

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There has been an incredible amount of granite counter top blanks (8long X 25counter top slabs) imported from Asia in the last couple of years. These counter top blanks are usually supplied in 2cm (3/4 thickness, and are sometimes built up on the front edge by laminating two layers together to achieve 4cm (1 1/2 total thickness on the face of the front edge. Because these counter top blanks are usually only 25in width, they’re really only useful for counter tops that run along a wall on top of standard cabinets. Also, because they are usually only 8long, they may have to be joined together to make longer lengths.

A premium fabricator will supply you with counter tops fabricated from 3cm (1 1/4 thick material, therefore eliminating laminated “built up” edges which will show an unsightly seam along the finished edges. The finished counter top will also be a lot stronger because it’s the total 3cm (1 1/4 thickness throughout. In case your fabricator uses the 3cm material, he will usually be cutting your final top shapes from full slabs of fabric. These full slabs are usually 5 to six feet wide, and up to 11long. Most premium fabricators will attempt to create your counter tops with no joints or seams in any respect when using full size slabs to create your new granite counter top. Obviously this will be dearer as there’s a much higher waste factor, and the handling of the fabric is rather a lot harder. In my opinion, these drawbacks are offset by a much better product and installation.

Typically, the dark or black stone colors are typically more expensive as well. Check together with your local dealer/fabricator to search out the range in the associated fee of various granites in your local area.

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