Aliens And Mysterious Art Work

Aliens, UFOs, alien writing, ancient art work, and crop circles have always been mysteries to scientists and all human beings on this planet. UFOs and other lights in the sky have been reportedly connected with many crop circle sites, leading to their becoming related to UFOs and aliens. Crop circles have become the subject of assorted fringe beliefs, creating representative messages from extraterrestrials. Some people have believed that there’s association between aliens and stone work on Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

Aliens from outer space or the great deception?

Stone Island Garment Dyed Overshirt (Black)Aliens’ corpse

UFO Halo Cloud phenomenon

Ahu Tongariki near Rano Raraku, a 15-moai ahu excavated and restored in the 1990s

Moai with replica eyes at Ahu Ko Te Riku in Hanga Roa, with Chilean Navy ship Buque Escuela Esmeralda behind

Ahu Akivi, one of many few inland ahu, with the one moai facing the ocean

Crop circle within the form of a double (six-sided) triskelion composed of 409 circles.

A crop circle in Switzerland

Different patterns on crop circles

Crop circles are sizeable patterns created by the flattening of crops

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