A Journey To Easter Island

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One of the one of the vital isolated inhabited islands on the planet, Easter Island, named after the day of its discovery, can also be one of the crucial mysterious places on the planet. Located a pair thousand kilometers off the coast of Chile, the history of this island is still much of a controversial mystery today. For this reason, Easter Island makes for one of the vital interesting travel experiences on the earth.

To begin with, attending to Easter Island is a bit of journey, but not as much as many individuals assume. You may go it alone or utilize an experienced travel expert that can assist you make your connections in attending to this remote island. Regular commercial air service takes tourist to and from the island daily. Upon arrival to Easter Island, be prepared for a unique adventure experience.


Renting a jeep is an effective option to get around this 160 square kilometer island. The small size of the island makes navigation fairly simple. For accommodations, there are a few hotels and several other ‘guest houses’ to remain at, a few of which offers a couple of square meals per day.

Easter Island Culture
When most people image Easter Island they think of the Moai, or large stone statues. The history behind the creation of the Moai is widely contested. It’s believed that there have been about 900 of those large statues at one time. Additionally it is believed that all of them were created in a relatively short time period. The explanations and processes that led to the creation of the Moai are just one contested item about their history.

When touring the island today, yow will discover groups of Moai in several locations across the island. Lots of the Moai share the same look, although years of erosion have left all of them with a slightly unique appearance.

Along with touring the island and seeing the remaining Moai, You may also find several other stone masonry wonders. Stone walls like those found at the rear of Vinapu were constructed a few years ago without the usage of mortar. In addition, over 1,233 prehistoric stone houses still stand on the island. Lastly, pictures often known as Petroglyphs may be found carved into rocks throughout the island.

While the journey to Easter Island could seem long, you may quickly realize that it was well worth it upon arriving on the island. You may not only experience the magic and mystery of the Easter Island history and culture, but you will also set foot on an island that few others have.

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