stone island jacket-STONE ISLAND AW 12

The great Italian sportswear brands latest collection for AW12  features streetwear-inspired outerwear, pullovers, sweaters, trousers, button-downs and accessories, each with an array of functional details.  Stone Island, known for their army surplus-inspired style with plenty of functionality for everyday wear,  continues to bring unbelievable quality and a bunch of new materials, colours, and patterns into their cold-weather gear.

This year’s line-up  also sees cargo pants, camo print outerwear, pea coats, and the usual staples in mostly neutral tones, but with touches of vibrant colour that allow their garments to fit in on a weekend hike just as easily as on your daily commute. As usual, the brand’s penchant for fabrics is on display with a multitude of materials utilised throughout. Both in terms of materials, and in terms colours and patterns the brand presents interesting new concepts.

stone island jacket-The Stigma of Stone Island

If you’re on the forecourt of any football stadium, donned in Stone Island gear, you’re sure to find that those police on horseback are keeping a keener eye on you than that replica-shirted, half-and-half scarfer lolloping in front of you. The connotations of casual fashion with football violence dates back to the 1970s, yet it wasn’t until the early 80s when Stone Island made its mark.  

Ironically, legendary managers Bob Paisley and pre-knighthood Alex Ferguson played a big part in its breakthrough through European success with Liverpool and Aberdeen respectively. Away days on the continent led to an explosion of new and exciting labels, most never heard of before on British soil.

For Aberdeen lads, the obsession dates back to a European cup match with Liverpool in October 1980. Former member of the Aberdeen Soccer Casuals, Dan Rivers, says:

“On that day, a section of the away support were seen dressed in ‘trendy’ sportswear – designer tracksuits and top-of-the-range trainers – rather than the traditional club supporter’s uniform, which was normal clothes adorned with the team’s colours of red and white. We were inspired.”

The ASC followed the Liverpool lead by discovering a wealth of new gear, most of which was nicked and brought back home to the surprise and envy of their mates. Lacoste were the early pace-setters as a foreign brand in the UK, making a name for itself as the first clothing range to have a label on the outside of their clothes.

Stone Island soon followed, derived from away trips to Italy, sporting innovative and forward-thinking garments by Massimo Osti who also launched CP Company. Yet despite being a high-quality piece of clothing, ‘Stoney’ gear has connotations that will never be shaken off – forever renowned as the casual staple – and the brand have tried to move away from that stigma in recent years.

“Mainstream football fans resent their violence, sociology lecturers can’t think of anything interesting to say about them and even the companies whose labels they sport, such as Stone Island, just wish they would go away,” says Stuart Cosgrove – television executive, broadcaster and devoted football fan. “Unlike the punks and the mods, they have nobody theorising on their behalf. Academia should learn to love casuals.”


Although Stone Island is renowned for implementing cutting edge fabrics in their design its is in the detailing of the The Stone Island Ventile ‘Ghost’ Jacket that makes this limited edition jacket is unique. Originally pioneered by the RAF, Ventile is an uncoated and unlaminated cotton fabric which provides an unparalleled weatherproof using an ingenious combination of dense weave and swelling properties. This completely natural fabric offers a unique level of comfort as well as being wind proof, highly breathable and very durable, and as a result and has been used in some of the world’s finest outerwear performance military and medical garments.

Ventile has featured in the mainline, Denims and Shadow Project Stone Island ranges in the past but the ‘Ghost’ Jacket takes Stone Island’s fabric technology into unchartered territory. It is the first Stone Island jacket to feature an all white compass logo badge and white branded buttons, showcasing the Sportswear brand at its innovative best.

stone island sale – CARLO RIVETTI’S HQ TOUR

This is a must for any Stone Island fan, as Sportswear Company CEO Carlo Rivetti gives us an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Stone Island Head Quarters in Ravarino. He explains the philosophy behind Stone Island and shows us where each design begins, before heading off to the famous archive, where there are over 40,000 pieces for the design team to reference and use as inspiration. We then follow Carlo through the factory, as he explains the processes that go into each Stone Island collection, the dying, and choice of fabrics which are all thoroughly researched before production starts. He then takes us through the painstaking manufacturing process that defines each Sportswear Company piece and ensures that each product is produced to the highest possible standards.

This video shows the huge amount of thought and effort that goes into each Stone Island design, which is something that can sometimes be difficult to appreciate, and this candid interview with one of fashions true pioneers definitely makes for very good watching. Enjoy.


We have chosen to have a closer look at a couple of this season’s stand out pieces, both of which are featured in the video – The Liquid Reflective and Ice Jackets. Both of these styles showcase the innovation and forward thinking of Stone Island and give an idea of just how the vast resources at the Ravaniro HQ influence the design process.