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10 Ways to Get the Secret Agent Look, Sweeney-Style

Whether you’ve been counting down the days until the 24th James Bond film ‘Spectre’ is released (the 26th October, just in case you were wondering), or you couldn’t care less about 007, there’s no denying that Bond has become a style icon. From the original Ian Fleming books, where the steely-eyed spy was always preoccupied with getting his Savile Row tailoring just right, to Daniel Craig’s globetrotting action man persona, Bond has become an undeniable part of British culture, and his exacting sartorial demands have set the standard for generations of guys. But what style tips can we learn from the longest-running film series in history This dossier has all the intel you’ll need for your sartorial mission – for your eyes only.

Keep it discreet on assignment
Wherever your assignments take you, the one thing you’ll always need is a sharply-tailored coat to give you incognito style. The sort of jacket that’ll allow you to blend in when you want to (when tailing a suspect, for example), but that also features subtle detailing and is crafted from premium materials to make exactly the right impression when the time comes.
Q Branch recommends: Rover Charcoal, Bodell Navy, Maldon Dark stone island coats uk Beige

Know how to wear a tie
As any man that wears one knows, getting your tie just right is often a barometer for how well your day is going to go. Whichever knot you favour (never a Windsor of course, as this quote from Fleming’s ‘From Russia With Love’ illustrates: “Bond mistrusted anyone who tied his tie with a Windsor knot. It showed too much vanity. It was often the mark of a cad.”), the key is to get the tie itself right. Live and let tie with classic, dark colours, a touch of texture and a very subtle pattern for classic secret agent style.
Q Branch recommends: Dorion Charcoal, Patterson Grey, Dorion Navy

Perfect black tie is made with your feet
Now pay attention: if you’re getting dressed up to the nines for a mission to the casino, a special event, or just because you look sharp in a tuxedo, make sure you get your shoes in order. Whether you prefer a Derby or an Oxford facing, we recommend adding a little texture to your look with discreet grained leather or a subtle laser-etched finish, or for the last word in black tie elegance – patent leather.
Q Branch recommends: Sissa Black, Colledara Black, Deliceto Black Patent

Let your belt do the talking
Hiding gadgets in classic accessories is a Q Branch special, with everything from throwing knives in a briefcase (From Russia With Love) to a remote control for a car in a mobile phone (Tomorrow Never Dies). While Bond’s belts have occasionally contained a piton gun (GoldenEye) or even a full-on rocket propulsion unit (Thunderball), we’d advise steering clear of gadgets when it comes to your everyday accessories – keep it classic but with a little 007 versatility, with a reversible model that’s effectively 2 belts in one.
Q Branch recommends: Malmsey Black/Tan, Niccolini Navy/Black, Modotti Grey/Blue

Be inspired by the classics
Every spy worth his 00 badge knows that the oldies are the best. Whether it’s skills like leaving talcum powder on locks to detect fingerprints or a using the same piece of hardware for nigh-on 50 years (step forward, Walther PPK), it’s the classics that endure. This carries through into style: while a tuxedo never goes out of fashion (merely subtle shifts in lapel mark the passing of decades), classic footwear & practical equipment always looks good. For Alpine missions and urban assignments alike, an Italian-made, commando-soled hiking boot is a Sweeney classic that’s more than worthy of a long-service ‘00’ badge of its own.
Q Branch recommends: Tenzing

Master ski slope style
Once you’ve put your Alpine boots to the test, it’s important to get the rest of our outfit in line for true spy ski style. And this doesn’t mean chunky Fair Isle knitwear or comedy hats (or a full-on kilt as in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’) – spies keep it minimal and dark on the slopes, with layers of functional knitwear and strategically-placed zips to adjust body temperature levels as required. A half-zip Merino jumper will take you from the slopes to the fireside in perfect Bond style.
Q Branch recommends: Orsett Navy

Tactile materials are your secret weapon
There’s more to being a secret agent than looking seriously slick all the time. Once you’ve completed your mission and it’s time to unwind, there’s nothing like indulging in a really luxurious piece of clothing to get your relaxation started. Tactile materials like rich suede, thick shearling and fine cashmere are always a great starting point – and a favourite with everyone’s respective (& prospective) Miss Moneypennys.
Q Branch recommends: Althorne Tobacco, Broomfield Chocolate, Yule Black/Grey

Ensure your driving shoes are up to the task
When you’re behind the wheel – whether it’s a DB5 or a 5-Series – it’s essential that you have the right equipment to make sure you’re in touch with the car as much as possible. Whether he needs to escape from villains or step on it to evade the local fuzz, you won’t see 007 in a pair of moccasins. Our collaboration with Jaguar is based on a classic formal shoe design, but with hidden features like a chamfered heel for better pedal pivot, a streamlined sole profile to minimise catching and a flexible sole to improve responsiveness that make it the definitive driving shoe.
Q Branch recommends: Sayer Brown, Weslake Dark Grey, Sayer Dark Tan

Travel in style
Speaking of driving, it almost goes without saying that when on the move, every secret agent should travel in style. Ideal for throwing in the back of your car for a last-minute assignment, a classic piece of leather luggage will take on a beautiful patina the more it’s used and always look super-slick. For express airport treatment and maximal travel efficiency, organisation is key – as is having everything in the right place. A non-crease wool travel blazer and a multi-pocket currency organiser are essential tools to keep you on the move between operations.
Q Branch recommends: Taunton Black, Blazona Navy Check, Sotherton Tan

Always dress the part, even off-duty
It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, a secret agent is always ready to be called upon to serve Queen & country. As a result, keeping your downtime style in check is absolutely crucial – you never know when you might need to spring into action. We recommend channelling traditional craftsmanship and classic materials into thoroughly modern casual pieces that are relaxed when they need to be, but always ready for an adventure.
Q Branch recommends: Falerone Grey, Montappone Navy, Osimo Grey

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As you may have spotted from our social media channels, last week saw the blockbuster launch event of our new Henrietta St Club in Covent Garden. While the doors of our brand new flagship store has actually been open for a few weeks, Thursday saw the official launch of the store and coincided with the presentation of our AW15 collection to press.

Just a brief glimpse at some of the fantastic Goodyear welted designs we have to come from our AW15 collection.

During the day, influential stylists, editors, photographers and writers got an exclusive chance to see next season’s footwear and outerwear collection, which is inspired by and themed around photography. We won’t give too much away here – you’ll be hearing plenty about it from the summer onwards – but it went down very well, with the press particularly enjoying the way our design team have interpreted the photography theme through our Italian Blake stitched, Goodyear welted, casual and outerwear ranges. Highlights included camo print, commando sole Goodyear welted boots, hi-top luxury stone island shadow project duffle coat Italian trainers, hand brushed wholecut formal shoes and our Hoagland Derby brogue, which features a longwing design punctured with square brogueing, rather than the classic circular pattern, to resemble the pattern found on classic film strips. Our very talented Tattooist-in-Chief was also in action to show off our Sweeney Tattoo service live, which uses a real tattoo gun and ink to create any bespoke design you wish on a pair of your favourite Sweeneys or accessory. If you haven’t it before, learn more here.

Our current Gio wholecut gets an update for AW15 in deep burnished shades and, as can be seen just to the back, a rich red velvet suede.

Our Tattoist-in-Chief at work surrounded by a number of current Sweeney Tattoo adorned styles.

As the evening began, guests arrived for the main event: the launch party. With everyone from the TV presenters Dan Walker and Jamie East to sporting greats like Sir Matthew Pinsent and Will Greenwood, current Saracens squad members Mike Ellery, Duncan Taylor, Will Fraser, and model Chris Perceval as well as musician Mikill Pane, it was a star-studded event, that also included VIP customers and press, and of course a smattering of Sweeney store managers.

We were very honoured to be joined by Sir Matthew Pinsent for the opening of our new Covent Garden flagship store.

Singer, Alex Clare performed two short sets, which saw him revisit some of his well-know songs like ‘Too Close’ and ‘Damn Your Eyes’, and was introduced by both our Chairman Maurice Helfgott and our very own Cobbler-in-Chief, Tim Cooper. The Cobbler also presented two of our longest-serving store managers, Julian and Ridian, with gifts to celebrate their 10 years of service.

Singer Alex Clare kept wowed our guests with an incredible live acoustic set.

All in all, it was a fantastic event (even if we do say so ourselves), integrating Sweeney fans with the press, sports stars with musicians, and some of our oldest customers with some of the most inspiring creative talents in the capital.

If stone island shadow project duffle coat you missed the event, don’t worry, there’s plenty to see in the Club. Head down to 10 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, WC2E 8PS.

To see even more from the event and for a glimpse of our forthcoming AW15 collection, check out #OliverSweeneyAW15

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C.P Company Rubberised Goggle Jacket

CP Company Goggle Jacket

The unmistakable C.P Company makes a welcome return this season in many different guises but we think the rubberised cotton version is one of the most unique. Made from a cotton and polyurethane blend, the CP Company Goggle jacket adopts an almost rubber-like handle which is a result of years of research and development into fabrics.  Adopting a stealth-like black colourway throughout, this new representation of the Goggle jacket is finished beautifully with real Corozo buttons.  Lined internally for an extra layer of warmth in the colder weather, the Goggle jacket features the obligitory goggles on a removable visor which can be flipped down to cover the eyes.

The Goggle jacket is available to buy now priced at £695.00 in limited numbers. Check out our full range of C.P Company jackets for Autumn Winter 2014

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-3749" style="border: 0px none;" title="CP Goggle Jacket" src="" alt="CP Goggle Jacket" width="1500" height="1015" stone island dog coat srcset=”×203.jpg 300w,×692.jpg 1024w,×300.jpg 443w, 1500w” sizes=”(max-width: 1500px) 100vw, 1500px” />

CP Goggle Jacket

Published by Mark Logan

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‘If Carlsberg Did’ Beauty Products …..

Carlsberg Launches Beauty Series For Men

In the last week or so Carlsberg have announced that they will be bringing out a male grooming range. The Carlsberg laboratories, the research and development arm of Carlsberg have teamed up with Danish cosmetics company Urtegaarden to create a range of male grooming products, made from real Carlsberg beer!

The main ingredients on the world famous lager are barley, hops and yeast, which have been proved to be rich in Vitimin B and Silicium stone island coat sale and are said to have beautifying properties for both hair and skin. After some extensive research, Carlsberg have produced a limited edition beauty range that contains shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

Each product in the Beer Beauty series contains 0.5 litres of real Carlsberg beer, freeze dried into a powder and then mixed with organic ingredients in order to create a unique series of products.

For more information on the range head over to the Carlsberg Beauty from Beer page.

We are not to sure whether this is actually real, but if it is it probably would be the best in the world.

Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing

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At Harris Tweed Hebrides
At Harris Tweed Hebrides

The mill of Harris Tweed Hebrides produces about 85% of all current Harris Tweed output. It offers a staggering 8,000 or so designs. Head designer Ken Kennedy probably carries most of these patterns around in his head.

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-2043" title="With Ken Kennedy at Harris Tweed Hebrides 20 9 12" src="×200.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="200" stone island winter coat sale srcset=”×200.jpg 300w,×683.jpg 1024w,×170.jpg 255w,×280.jpg 420w,×560.jpg 840w, 1296w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

As well as apparel cloth, Harris Tweed is now increasing being used for interior fabrics. It is such a beautiful resource!

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-2044" stone island winter coat sale title=”Blackface rams 20 9 12 3″ src=”×196.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”196″ srcset=”×196.jpg 300w,×670.jpg stone island winter coat sale 1024w,×167.jpg 255w,×275.jpg 420w,×549.jpg 840w, 1040w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

On the day I was there, many of the rolls of cloth stamped with the Orb awaiting shipping were destined for Japan, where I spotted this window in 2010.

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The Sony PlayStation VR

It is safe to say that a big part of the gaming future lies in Virtual Reality. There are currently over 30 VR headsets in production including offerings such as Google’s Cardboard one, and one from fashion brand Dior. However general consensus would show that the two main players in the game so to speak are Oculus with the Rift, and HTC with the Vive. All that could be about to change though with the news of the release date for the Sony PlayStation VR.

Now it still has an October release date, which admittedly is a while off, and some time after both of the previously mentioned headsets, but if one company has constantly been at the forefront of all things gaming then it is PlayStation, so great things are expected from the Japanese giant.

From the moment you slip on PlayStation VR, the new Virtual Reality stone island shadow project quilted jacket system for PlayStation 4, you’ll experience games in an entirely new way. You’ll be at the centre of the action, living every detail of extraordinary new worlds – and you’ll feel like you’re actually inside the game.

PlayStation has always delivered experiences beyond our imagination, from 3D gaming to augmented reality. That heritage takes a leap forward with PS VR. Now, you can step beyond the screen and climb into the game.

You’ve played games that have made you lose track of time. But what about games that make you forget where you are That’s what PS VR will do, immersing you in the game with an unparalleled sense of presence.

Just plug in and play. PS VR is powered by PlayStation 4 (so naturally you will need one, as well as a DualShock 4 controller), so you can simply connect the two and step into new experiences in seconds.

Whilst taking about gaming it would be remiss of us to point out a big plus, and that is the fact that once the headset is released there should instantly be a stone island shadow project quilted jacket whopping 50 games available for it, which no one else can even come close to.

PS VR will let you play in ways and places you never thought possible thanks to an advanced, custom OLED screen that displays images at a super-smooth 120Hz, 360-degree vision and true 3D audio that lets you pinpoint sounds all around you. So you can lose yourself in games custom-built for PS VR, including RIGS Mechanized Combat League and VR Worlds.

The headset has been designed to be as light and as comfortable as possible – It’s effortless to slip on and off, while its minimal weight (approximately 610g without the cable) is supported by an adjustable headband that’ll fit everyone.

Let others enjoy a game with or against you with PlayStation VR Social Screen. Project what you see in your headset onto a TV screen so others can jump into the action. You can let others join in even as you lose yourself in your own world.

The price is expected to be around £350, and for more information please see the official website here.

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The Secret Life Of The Pencil – Exhibition

Since the extension was made to the current Paul Smith store at No. 9 Albemarle Street in Mayfair London in August 2013 there have been a number of art exhibitions that have taken place.
Naturally whatever the subject is being Paul Smith you know it will have a twist of the norm as well as being intriguing and thought provoking, and the latest one is no different……even when the subject is Pencils!

The Secret Life Of The Pencil exhibition that is running from May 20th to June 3rd and is a 52 strong set of prints.

“The humble pencil is found where most of mankind’s greatest achievements begin”, explain Alex Hammond and Mike Tinney, the pencil pushers behind this special project.

The photographic study aims to showcase the continued use stone island ice jacket sale of the pencil in an increasingly digital world, demonstrating how the simple writing implement still sits proudly on the desk or behind the ear of the world’s leading artists, architects, writers and designers.

Documenting each pencil in pin-sharp detail, the photographs capture individual pencils as unique as fingerprints, each giving clues to the character of their owner.

Contributors to the project have been drawn from across the creative industries and visitors to the exhibition will be able to view pencils from cultural icons such as Sir Quentin Blake, Tom Dixon, Stephen Fry, Mike Leigh, Philippe Stark, our very own Paul Smith.

Visitors can support the project by buying editioned posters and limited edition prints from the series.

And for the length of the exhibition a series of framed one-off prints, including the stone island ice jacket sale original pencil, will be available for auction online via Paddle8.

To add an extra element of exclusivity, some of these unique prints will also come with special personal effects from the contributors. These include:
• A concept car sketched by Ian Callum, Chief Designer at Jaguar
• A Nick Park sketch of Gromit professing his love of the 4B pencil!
• Hand carved pencils from Anish Kapoor & Pam Hogg
• A unique sketch from Paul Smith
A one-off large Solander presentation box containing 20″ x 16″ prints of all 52 participants will also be auctioned.

All the stone island ice jacket sale proceeds will be going to help the work of Children In Crisis charity.

Take a look below at a selection of the images from the exhibition, and for further details please head over to here.

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The Saucony Originals Courageous Premium Pack

The Saucony Originals Courageous Premium Pack

Digging deep into their sporting archives Saucony have retrieved the iconic Courageous silhouette from the mid 80s and modernized the running classic as a streetwear sneaker. This spring the designers at Saucony have kicked the once ground-breaking original technology and materials into the 21st century. The reliable runner still has features the ‘marshmallowy’ EVA midsole that offers plush underfoot cushioning, because who wants to sacrifice comfort for style

Too late in the week for your brain to remember what the originals were crafted out of The shoes upper is formed with quality buttery suede, with a perforated mid foot and toe box for added breathability, ideal for the summer months. Still looking for more luxury in your footwear The padded collar and tongue should satisfy that need. The Saucony branding appears on the tongue and heel unit, which should finish your statement footwear nicely.

Available in Deep Red & stone island ice jacket Grey online & instore from March 2015. Priced at £100

Samantha Carruthers is an Online Editor at Aphrodite. Find her stone island ice jacket on Google+

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The Sweeney 5: What to Plan for your Weekend (27.11.15)

Welcome to the Sweeney 5: our Friday shortlist of some great things to make your weekend that little bit more Sweeney. This weekend is of course Black Friday, where there’s plenty of retail therapy to be indulged in, especially at Oliver Sweeney (of course) where we have 20% off everything all weekend. Once you’ve stocked up, it’s time to get out and about in town, so we’ve picked out a few events that are fairly clear of the main shopping drags so that you can chill out in peace.

Chelsea Physic Gardens Christmas Fair
London’s oldest and most picturesque botanical garden, the Chelsea Physic Garden, isn’t regularly open to the public. We’ve been lucky enough to visit before, and can report it to be a rather civilised oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This weekend it plays host to 90 carefully-selected Christmas-themed stalls selling gifts, treats and refreshments. The perfect escape after a Black Friday weekend trip to the shops.
Full details here.

Independent Label Market
If you’re shopping for a vinyl junkie this Christmas (or merely looking to add to your own collection), the Indie Label Market at Spitalfields is a great place to have a look around. Dozens of the land’s best record labels sell old stock, rarities, stone island jacket xl new releases and unusual merchandise, making it a great place to get yourself sorted with an unusual gift. What’s more, the stalls are staffed by label folk and musicians, which means they’re always up for a chat. If you needed more arm twisting, next door is the London Brewers’ Market for some much-needed refreshments.
Full details here.

Being a Man Festival
Now in its second year, the Southbank Centre’s forum for “addressing the challenges and pressures of masculine identity in the 21st Century” is a three-day event that includes discussions, workshops, comedy, mentoring, a library and all sorts of other thought-provoking stuff. Definitely work checking in if you fancy feeding your brand and having some great conversations about the role of men in society, BAM Festival a nice break from the mean streets of the capital.
Full details here.

The Photographers 2015
Every year, and annual survey of photography is conducted and then presented to chart the medium’s history from its early experiments right through to the striking digital images created now. This selection of over 150 iconic photographs is curated by the Osborne Samuel and Beetles & Huxley galleries in the West End, including work from luminaries like Testino, Cartier-Bresson, Leibowitz and Avedon – and this year includes the Kate Moss portfolio with some of the model’s favourite photographs of herself.
Full details here.

<p style="text-align: stone island jacket xl justify;”>Sweeney Tattoo
As December dawns, finding the perfect Christmas present goes from an occasional thought to more of a constant mission. Our bespoke Sweeney Tattoo service is a really great way to personalise an Oliver Sweeney piece and make sure you get it exactly right come December 25th. You can have any design you want tattooed onto a tan leather piece, crafted in collaboration with our in-house Tattoo artist who uses exactly the same process to indelibly mark your gift as you would on skin. Christmas, sorted.
Discover more about Sweeney Tattoo here.