Brands to Know: Stone Island

Despite the current weather, believe it or not winter is coming, and staying warm and waterproof is key to surviving through the winter quarter. Though campus is dominated by the jacket favorites, TNF, Canada Goose, and Moncler, there’s one Italian brand that will keep you bundled up and looking good through the cold: Stone Island.

Largely unknown in the U.S., Stone Island is an integral part of the streetwear scenes in Italy, France, and especially the U.K., where the brand is revered with a cult-like following. Stone Island originally began to gain traction in the fashion community with the Paninaro group in Italy, a sub culture of youth who were inspired by 50s era style mixed with European designer labels.

Soon after the gear was picked up by British football hooligans in a spirit of one-upmanship, flaunting the label to impress over their rivals on other teams. Eventually Stone Island broke its way into various U.K. subcultures, and especially into the rave scene of the early 90s.

Recently the Grime scene in London has adopted the iconic compass arm patch as their unifying logo, which provides a sense of unity and organization to the underground music scene, and has reinforced the brand’s image as rebellious and mysterious.

However, the reason that so many fashion icons across the globe sport the iconic compass is not because of hype, but because of the sheer quality and craftsmanship that goes into every Stone Island piece. Since the early 80s, Stone Island has always been an innovator in the fashion industry.

Even before North Face, Stone Island was incorporating tech fabrics such as goretex into their designs. They use some of the most unique and durable fabrics in the world, from the weather and wind-resistant 3l composite fabric in their down jackets, to their thermo-sensitive color changing jackets–which were made a feature in their collaboration with Supreme earlier this year.

Stone Island is dedicated to research and evolution, with laboratories located in Italy developing new fabrics and a guarantee that every new runway show and collection will include a material never before seen in the fashion industry.

Stone Island garments are rooted in Italy’s rich fashion history and spirit of craftsmanship, but with a constant eye towards innovation and providing the most innovative and durable materials to bear the elements.
Stone Island

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The Sweeney 5: What to Plan for your Weekend (11.12.15)

Welcome to the Sweeney 5: our Friday shortlist of some great things to make your weekend that little bit more Sweeney. With Christmas just around the corner, we’re hoping you’ve got the majority of your festive shopping out of the way (if not, then a little website called might be of some use) and are free to enjoy the best of the capital’s festive events.

<img class="alignnone" src=" ref=47052" alt="" width="740" height="555" stone island jeans uk sale />

Kentish Town City Farm Christmas Festival
A family-friendly alternative to schlepping around the shops this weekend, just around the corner from Sweeney HQ, with all the traditional pleasures that you’d expect: pony rides, archery, face painting, homemade food & mulled wine. Santa will be arriving on horseback and will be receiving guests from 1pm. Classic fun for all the family.
Full details here.

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A Choral Christmas with the LSO
Take your annual Christmas choral session to new heights with the majesty of the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Simon Halsey and comprising over 300 singers and instrumentalists. Performing a mix of traditional carols and sing-a-long Christmas songs, this is sure to be stone island jeans uk sale a spectacular way to get you in the festive mood.
Full details and tickets here.

Carolling World Record Attempt
More than 1820 carollers visiting at least 10 doors on 2 streets en masse are needed to break the World Record, so this is one way to really make your mark this festive season. Plus the whole shebang is raising money for the depression charity Action for Happiness, which is a particularly key problem for many around this time of year. If you’re free on Sunday, Parsons Green is the place to be.
Full details here.

The Ai Weiwei Weekender
A thought-provoking alternative to Christmas festivities. Even if you’ve been living under a rock this year, you can’t have failed to notice that controversial, brilliant Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has pretty much taken over the Strand’s Royal Academy this autumn. This weekend (and for the first time in the RA’s 247-year history), the gallery is opening for a full 56 hours, with surreal performances, talks and hands-on activites accompanying Ai Weiwei’s monumental and powerful works.
Full details and tickets here.

Sock it to ‘em!
It’s just not Christmas without socks. Whether you like yours plain or patterned, in lightweight cotton or heavyweight wool, colourful or monochrome, there’s a sock for you in our collection. And with 3 for £35, it’s the ideal stocking filler gift this Christmas for all the men in your life.
Explore our full range of socks here.

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The Sweeney 5: What To Plan for This Weekend (21/08/15)

Welcome to the Sweeney 5: our Friday shortlist of some great things to make your weekend that little bit more Sweeney. With Saturday looking like a proper scorcher, we reckon it’s an excellent time to get outside and enjoy a rare moment of glorious British “summer” while you can – and then retreat back indoors for Sunday’s inevitable deluge. As ever, let us know what you’re heading to, what you’d rather be doing and – if you make it to any of the below – what you think of our suggestions via our social media channels. And have a great weekend!

Try out brisket at Camden Town Brewery, right by Sweeney HQ

The drifting smoke, unmistakeable scent and inherent optimism that make up the humble BBQ make it an essential part of the summer. This weekend, sit back and let 11 ‘BBQ masters’ take the apron at Camden Town Brewery’s BrisketFest. We may be slightly biased given that the Brewery is just around the corner from our Head Office, but the combination of their full range of beers, 11 different types of slow-cooked beef brisket, and a healthy dollop of Saturday0afternoon appropriate live music is pretty unbeatable wherever you live in the capital. As the event’s organiser, the appropriately-names Texas Joe says “BrisketFest is not a competition, it’s a celebration. This is a party without judgment. There is only brisket, and brisket is good.” We couldn’t agree more.
Full details and tickets available here.

We love Greenwich Park. Take a stroll from the Observatory and on down to the river by The Cutty Sark after experiencing their new Bandstand concerts.

Bandstand Concerts in Greenwich Park
For a perhaps slightly more relaxed afternoon outing, give the picturesque Greenwich Park a try. As well as the historic Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, Observatory and park itself, there’s free live music every Sunday on the bandstand that’ll create a lovely atmosphere to picnic by if the weather holds. This Sunday seems the Silver Ghosts take to the stage, with accompanying swing-time dancers, so pack your dancing shoes – or just sit back and enjoy a Pimm’s.
Full line-up and details here.

<img class="" stone island tops junior src=” ref=45263″ alt=”” width=”640″ height=”427″ />

The Aubergine starter on Tredwell’s Express menu

Beef salad & (our favourite) the salted caramel serve for dessert on Tredwell’s Express menu

Tredwell’s Express Menu
It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Marcus Wareing’s Tredwell’s restaurant, just around the corner from our Henrietta St store in Covent Garden. As if we needed another excuse to drop by, they’ve introduced an Express lunch that distils the essence of Marcus’ fantastic modern London cooking into a set menu with 2 curses fro £17 or 3 for £20. Featuring everything from chicken liver mousse to Scottish salmon and finishing with Tredwell’s’ signature salted caramel soft serve, we know exactly what we’ll be eating this weekend. See you there…
Full details and opening hours here.

Take inspiration from some of the finest photography currently around, showcased at the Royal Geographical Society.

Travel Photographer of the Year
If you’ve been inspired to pick up a camera by our AW15 collection’s photography theme, then head over to the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Royal Geographic Society. You can either marvel at the alchemical blend of science and art used to capture these images, look with envy at the far-flung, unusual, exotic locations on offer, or get some travel inspiration of your own. We’ll be doing all three.
Full details here.

Our Boxall is a favourite for weekend wandering

The ideal shoe for exploring (whatever the weather): Boxall
Blending the classic style of a Derby brogue with a touch, grippy and water-resistant rubber commando sole, Boxall is ideal whatever the British climate might throw at you. We could tell you about the complex overlaid rear quarter, the fact it comes in different country grain textured leather uppers, or even that it has a storm welt to ensure that the puddles don’t get inside your shoes, but we’d rather you took up the challenge and gave them a try this weekend and see just how well they slot in to your wardrobe.

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The Sweeney 5: What to Plan for this Weekend (14/08/15)

Welcome to the first Sweeney 5: our Friday shortlist of some great things to make your weekend that little bit more Sweeney. Given that the weather looks like it’s going to be perfect for wandering, we’ve selected a few things to do around town, plus some shoes to do them in. As ever, let us know what you’re heading to, what you’d rather be doing and – if you make it to any of the below – what you think of our suggestions via our social media channels. And have a great weekend!

Explore Carsten Höller’s ‘Decision’ exhibition at London’s Southbank before it ends in early September

Carsten Höller’s ‘Decision’
Now that the initial fuss has died down a little, it’s the perfect time to take a look at Carsten Höller’s interactive exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on London’s Southbank. While the giant corkscrew slides poking out the side of the gallery are getting all the attention, there should be plenty of room to explore the German-Belgian artist’s installations that are all aimed at altering your perception of space and time. Our tip: the flying machine over Waterloo Bridge is both very entertaining and suitable embarrassing – get there early to avoid gawping tourists pointing cameras in your direction.
Full details and tickets available here.

Jazz comes to London’s Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf Jazz Festival
With a bit of luck and some serious finger-crossing, the weather in London looks to be perfect for wandering this weekend. Canary Wharf is one of our favourite spots: it’s much quieter at the weekends, and offers great riverside vistas as well as great restaurants, without the tourists of Soho. This weekend it also plays host to London’s largest free jazz festival, blending everything from instrumental folk to upbeat Latin jazz for a truly civilised evening out.
Full line-up and details available here.

Will McIlroy come back to true form at this weekend’s US PGA Championship

US PGA Championship
If you’re aiming for something a little more low-key, the American golf championship looks like it’s going to be a classic. Rory McIlroy seems to have recovered from his ankle injury, and put in a strong performance on Thursday with a 71, one stone island tour mazatlan under par, and just five short of the early leader, Dustin Johnson. McIlroy’s playing partner Jordan Spieth put in the same score as him, but who will take the stone island tour mazatlan title at Whistling Straits You’ll have to tune in to find out.
Catch the US PGA Championship live on Sky Sports 4 HD at 4pm on Saturday & Sunday.

If ever there were to be a toy shop for stone island tour mazatlan grown ups, Bentley’s of London is it…

Bentley’s of London
We can’t quite recall where we first heard of Bentley’s, but we’re very glad we did. Recently relocated to a larger showroom in the heart of Chelsea, they stock a seriously covetable selection of vintage aero/nautical items, automobilia, furniture, silver and leather luggage and trunks. It’s basically a toy shop for grown-ups, and while some of the items are fairly expensive, there’s no harm in dreaming. Top of our current list: the ‘J-Class’ Pond Yacht scale model, yours for £5-10,000.
Bentley’s, 91 Lower Sloane St, Chelsea, SW1W SDA or browse online here.

Our Bedford Black, new for AW’15, is a true weekend staple

The perfect weekend Derby: Bedford
Our brand new season shoes are arriving on the website and in stores thick and fast now. British GQ have just featured Bedford – a Derby with a half buffalo leather and half Moon’s thornproof wool upper that sits on a lightweight commando sole – in their big September issue. It’s great for a weekend of exploring (even if we do say so ourselves), and if it’s good enough for the sartorial guys at GQ…
Take a closer look at Bedford now.

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The Surreal Photography Of Bobby Becker

Predominantly part of the series entitled ‘History’, the works of Nashville, Tennessee, based photographer Bobby Becker reflects a world where reality and the impossible intertwine, with fragile boundaries between the two.

Capturing pictures which are entirely unique, infant stone island sale Becker effortlessly blends the strange with the surreal to capture each subject’s relationship with location and time, and by succeeding in doing so, Becker vividly tells stories of both human interaction and isolation quite like no other photographer.

The black and white perspective creates an impressive visual contrast, highlighting a struggle or a connection, the sense of fear and captivity, of all and nothingness, light and darkness, death and rebirth, the loss of identity and rediscovery of the self, revealed in a powerful manner and often through clever insertions of geometry and objects of duality.

Thought-provoking and excellently executed, the photography of Bobby Becker (who also use the name Excavate) captures the essence of the situations it represents, resorting to simplicity to unfold the complexity of memory, emotion and perception.

Take a look at a infant stone island sale small sample of Becker’s work below, and for a full set of everything he has produced check out his Instagram account here, or here at his Flicker page.

<img infant stone island sale class=”fullimage img-responsive” src=””>

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The Sartorialist loves MENSWEAR
The Sartorialist loves MENSWEAR

My Wednesday started well with a beautiful sunrise and then got even better when my daughter Florence pointed out that The Sartorialist had featured Tom Phillips’ book of vintage menswear postcards (which includes my foreword) with the message: Fashion and vintage photographs! What more could I ask for in a book


MENSWEAR Book cover

Bodleian Library Publishing put an image from the book on its catalogue last season.

Bodleian Library catalogue cover 001

I can recommend all five other titles in the series – Fantasy Travel, Readers, Women & Hats, Bicycles and, my poignant favourite, Weddings. Ordinary people are every bit as fascinating as so-called celebrities.

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-3812" stone island tracksuit white alt=”DSC06116″ src=”×300.jpg” width=”200″ height=”300″ srcset=”×300.jpg 200w,×1024.jpg 683w,×383.jpg 255w,×630.jpg 420w,×1260.jpg 840w, 864w” sizes=”(max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px” /> Weddings BOOK lo-res-1

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A few months ago, when we spotted Michael’s illustrations on Instagram, we were floored by the result. Hugely-detailed pen-and-ink sketches of a classic Oliver Sweeney wholecut called ‘Vear’, we were captivated as, every few days, more details began to emerge on the drawings as Michael documented his process on social media. Michael is a truly talented artist, so we thought we’d have a chat with him to find out just what makes him tick.

Image courtesy of Michael Stephen Carter

Hi Michael! So where and when did you learn to draw

I have always loved to draw! From a very young age I was praised for my drawing ability, although I always just drew for fun. I studied A-levels in Graphics and Art, which led to a BA in product design at university, all of which contributed to my drawing ability and techniques. Now I work in marketing so my interest is very much in products, brands and the inspirational nature of an object and how people relate to it.

How did you settle on the pen-on-paper technique

I have always drawn on paper, I love the idea of a blank canvas. It sounds simple, but there’s something exciting about drawing with pen too, the permanence of it – especially when I am nearing the end of a 100+ hour piece of work! When I start to draw I select a product, take as many photos as I can of it in multiple stone island volusia county poses, with different lighting to achieve the best representation of the product in a photograph. My technique is then essentially scaling it up, mapping it out, and then starting a long journey of lightly scribbling in small circles, just as you might doodle while sat on the phone. I layer these up on top of each other to achieve a sort of photorealism.

Image courtesy of Michael Stephen Carter

Tell us a little about your preferred drawing tools…

I have always loved drawing with fineliner pens, all the way from my days of graphics and product design, and they are the ideal medium to achieve fine details. When I was searching for a quality paper with texture to carry lots of ink, I stumbled upon Arches 640gsm cold pressed paper which as well as being produced in the same way since 1492 in France, gives a fantastic texture – not too stone island volusia county rough, not too smooth – in which I can layer pen strokes to achieve texture and depth and is able to stand up to me working into it over and over without damaging it.

How big are the drawings that you’ve been making

The Oliver Sweeney shoes I have drawn are 56x76cm, so quite large. I love working on a stone island volusia county large scale, it elevates a small humble object to something which would be quite imposing on a wall or in a gallery. The large scale allows me to bring out the most beautiful part of the shoes, the finer details. The technique is interesting to see in person, up close, because you can see all hours spent, and the detail of the individual pen marks. At a distance the drawing sometimes just looks like a black and white photograph. The large size of the paper allows me to explore all the small beautiful details which make up an Oliver Sweeney shoe.

How long does each one take

Usually around 60-100 hours I would guess, although I have never really timed myself. I typically go through about 5-8 pens per drawing – not because they run out of ink, but because the nib is worn down so fast!

What attracted you to drawing our shoes

Oliver Sweeney is one of my favourite brands. I love the shoes and own 4 pairs of Oliver Sweeney shoes and a pair of trainers too. The shoes I have drawn (the Vear wholecut – of which you can shop a similar version by clicking here), offer a very interesting array of telltale creases, shadows, stretch marks, and loving bumps and bruises from years of use. These details are my favourites to capture – no two pairs of shoes are ever alike, and each pair is made completely unique by their owner.

Do you listen to music while working

I tend to listen to Ben Howard’s ‘I Forget Where We Were’, London Grammar, Coldplay’s ‘Ghost Stories’; anything relaxing really. It’s quite a meditative process sitting scribbling over and over, which is why I enjoy it, so this keeps me going!

Image courtesy of Michael Stephen Carter

Tell us why you’re obsessed with drawing…

I draw because I love it. It’s something I have always loved. I started posting on Instagram because I wanted to see how people would react to my drawings, and I’ve had a wave of positive feedback and enquiries ever since. I have an enormous list of things I plan on drawing next, and I will continue to post work in progress shots on my Instagram account as I go. I have a few commission requests at the moment, but really I draw because I love it. Who knows what the future holds, but to be able to draw full-time would be a dream come true.

Follow Michael’s drawing progress on Instagram by searching @michael.stephen.carter

And if you’re feeling inspired, check out our range of wholecut shoes, in-store or online.

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The Stop-Motion History Of Honda

We only have to point you as far as the Painting With Lego Bricks post we put up a few months ago to show you of our love for anything Stop-Motion, so when we saw the latest ad video Honda have released detailing their history to date we just had to share it.

The whole thing was put together by New York artist Adam Pesapane (who goes by the name of PES), and took 4 months, and roughly 3000 unique illustrations stitched together with stop-motion filming to create the 2 minute video, but the results are I’m sure you’ll agree more than worth it.
It was shot on large table — acting almost like a physical stone island reflective map of the company’s history — and the pages are flipped and swapped out by hand in thousands of separate shots. The focus on paper and illustration is a clever way to make us appreciate what engineers and manufacturers do: bring ideas on paper to life.

Founded by Soichiro Honda in 1946 the video details the Japanese companies rise from making and tuning engines to introducing them to bikes (where they became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world), then moving on to boats, then cars, and then into racing cars (in particular Formula 1), and to off road vehicles to tackle any terrain as well as the more unusual items such as lawn mowers, and then humanoid robots (the most famous being ASIMO), before finally moving on to aircraft.

So without further ado here is the video in question…

…as well as a video of how the whole thing was made.

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The Saracens Story

You’ve worked hard all week, so top off your free time in style. We’ve selected a number of events across the country that we at Sweeney HQ are looking forward to this weekend.

IF YOU’RE IN THE SOUTH-EAST: Cheer on Saracens against Harlequins at Wembley Stadium
A vital game if Sarries are to beat the Northampton Saints to top the Aviva Premiership table, this game at the monumental Wembley Stadium has the credentials to be the game of the season. Look out for our 30 second Sweeney advert in the pre-match warm up, with a number of the Saracens players in our Aldeburgh oxford brogue, Saracens’ official post-match shoe. But obviously this big screen debut in front of 90,000 people is nothingwe’ll be boastingabout…
WHEREVER YOU LIVE: Experience Jonathan Blazer’s ‘Under the Skin’ at an Everyman Cinema
It’s Scarlett Johansson as a seductive extraterrestrial on the hunt for prey in the middle of Scotland. It sounds bizarre but we’ve heard rave reviews. If we go to the cinema, the only way we ‘do’ a film now is at an Everyman Cinema. Our favourite in Hampstead lets you watch the film as if in the comfort of your own home. No sharing the drinks holder with a stranger, no rubbery hotdogs and a huge, comfy leather sofa to stretch your legs out on. Anddid we mention Scarlett Johansson
IF YOU’RE IN LEEDS: Wine and dine at Leed’s newest wine bar, The Decanter
We’re always partial to a glass (or two) and we certainly like the idea of a bar that dedicates itself to an effortless approach to fine, high-class wining and dining. Situated on Park Row, just a short walk from our Victoria Quarter store, a glass of Shiraz early Friday evening is the best way to break in the weekend after stone island beanie black long week at work.

IF YOU’RE IN MANCHESTER: Catch Bombay Bicycle Club at The Albert Hall, Manchester
Bombay Bicycle Club have long felt on the brink of success but with their new album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’, their fourth EP, the band finally seem to have established themselves as one of the country’s most prominent figures on the music scene. With influences stemming from India, Japan and Turkey, it’s a sound that focuses less so on the indie vibe that dominated their previous endeavours and demonstrates their shift into a more mature reach of vocal and sound. This gig at The Albert Hall looks set to be one of the last chances to catch the band before they head on to bigger-arena filled-heights. Get yourself to the gig if you can or at least grab a copy of the newalbum if you can’t.

IF YOU’RE IN LONDON: Pig out at Barnyard in Fitzrovia
So pigging out may not be the polite way to say it (we were going with the farming theme!) but with the choice of selection at proclaimed “culinary messiah” Ollie Dabbous’ second restaurant Barnyard, in London’s Fitzrovia, it’ll be a struggle not to. A menu of wholesome comfort food it feels quite ‘homely’, despite the distressed farmhouse decor. With a no bookings policy, you’ll have to be prompt with arrival but get in and the sense of achievement at eating at a Michelin-starred chef’s latest venture will leave you feeling just a little smug and delighted.

And what better way to enjoy all of these activities than in a pair of Sweeneys Shop our casual shoes, boots, trainers and brogues online or in store.
And of course, we want to see what you and your Sweeneys get up to. Send your pictures to our Twitter or Facebook pages.

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The Sweeney 5: What to Plan For Your Weekend (5.12.15)

Welcome to the Sweeney 5: our Friday shortlist of some great things to make your weekend that little bit more Sweeney. This weekend, it’s pretty inevitable that you’ll be buying – or at least thinking about buying – Christmas presents, so we’ve rounded up a few places that are a little off the beaten track for you stone island puffa to pick up something special, and a few places to escape the hustle and bustle (OK, mad panic) of the Christmas shopping brigade. Good luck!

Foyles Christmas Craft Fair
If there’s one place you can be sure of visiting to find some of the best Christmas gifts in London this December (aside from our own stores, of course), it’s Charing Cross Road’s literary emporium Foyles. Consistently one of the best stocked bookshops in the world, staffed with some of the nicest people we’ve come across, it’s a haven for book-lovers of all ages. There’s no better time to visit them than this weekend, when their auditorium space is transformed into a festive marketplace with everything from delicious macaroons to vintage cards.
Full details here.

British Street Food Festival
It’s not often we’d advise you to spend your Saturday at Greenwich’s O2 complex, but then it’s not often that it’s stuffed full of the nation’s best street food vendors. Over the summer the heats of the British Street Food awards took place across the country, and this weekend is the culmination of those . The finalists are gathering at the O2, competing for the People’s Choice Award, and will have an array of £3 taster dishes on offer which can be voted for using the event’s app. With live music, crazy golf, a food quiz and a free pint with a ticket, it’s a pretty compelling reason to head Greenwich-wards this weekend.
Full details and tickets here.

Eel Pie Island Christmas Open Studios
For decades a haven for artists, musicians and young creatives, Twickenham’s Eel Pie Island opens its doors twice a year for an opportunity to see inside the 26 studios that are housed there. Whether you purchase some contemporary art, commission a new piece or just engage the artists in conversation, this is one place where you’re guaranteed to find a truly one-off gift. The island is also home to a nature reserve, and is a haven away from the crush of central London – guaranteed to give you a little mental breathing space.
Full details here.

Art & Alcohol at Tate Britain
After shoes, possibly two of our favourite subjects come together at the Tate Britain’s latest exhibition charting Britain’s relationship with booze, from Hogarth’s ‘Gin stone island puffa Lane’ right until the present day. The exhibition also encodes an enormous Gilbert & George installation and looks at the changing fabric of society across the ages. We recommend a good pint at a nearby watering hole afterwards for a debrief (as well as a peruse of the Tate’s excellent gift shop).
Full details and tickets here.

The Yule cashmere scarf: the perfect gift (or reward)
Whether you’re nosing around galleries, battling the hordes in the centre of town searching for the perfect Christmas gift or escaping to the country, our cashmere scarf is the answer. Crafted from a fine, supersoft grade of the luxury material and in an extra-large size, it’s ideal for battling against the cold weather and makes the perfect Christmas present for pretty much anyone. Answer honestly: who doesn’t want a beautiful new cashmere scarf
Discover the Yule cashmere scarf here.