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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Spaceship Components Areas

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Laptop beside the boat is one other hunk of the spaceship.
31.) Grand Senora Residence, Half Two

South-west of Grand Senora’s Suburban and tucked away within the hills is an abandoned residence. The components are sitting on the rear porch.

32.) Redwood Lights Track
A methods southwest of the Redwood Lights Track is a reasonably pronounced squiggle of a road (it looks like an inversed S). Tucked into the top bend on this weird little stretch of road, towards the stone wall, is an element.

33.) Weird Onlookers
Head east of the Redwood Lights Monitor, then west a smidge. To the precise side of the highway you may see a homestead up on a hill, notably with a windmill and an American flag on the property. Have a look around the house and you’ll find a bunch of people sitting round one of the elements. They, uh, have a ‘Welcome’ sign for the aliens above ’em. Huh.

34.) Tongva Valley Waterfall
South-west of the Tongva Valley Ammu-Nation (north-west of the map) are a number of bridges, near which run several waterfalls. Descend to the base of the second waterfall and hop in the water. The half is in right here. Be careful to not get swept Stone over the falls!

35.) Tongva Valley Vineyard
West of the previous location, surrounded by bending roads and reasonably massive in its own proper, is a vineyard. Run into the fields of the vineyard and check by the bushes. The half is in one of many rows (look around the middle).

36.) Tongva Valley Stream
Get on Tongva Drive, east of the vineyard, and drive south until you see a stream on your left aspect. This leads up into the mountains. Follow it till you see a massive rock formation in your proper. At the base of it, on the side you’re approaching from, is a small cave. Inside is without doubt one of the parts.

37.) Banham Canyon House
North-east of Chumash is a great deal of hilly territory, and on many fo these hills are slightly opulent homes. Search for a house situated on a snakey bend in the road, one with wooden-panel walls on the skin. The piece is in the yard, by the pool, close to a telescope.

38.) Richman Glen
North of the 2 tennis courts on the sting of Richman is Richman Glen, a bit gated neighborhood with a bunch of rich snobs in attendance. Approach the most important house on the lot, then look round at the nearby greenery. Nestled beside the roots of a tree, right beside a small pool, is one other part.

39.) Gallileo Observatory
Climb to the roof of the Observatory in Vinewood Hills (north of the Tequi-la-la property). You will discover the piece beside the left dome, overlooking the entrance of the Observatory.

Forty.) Vinewood Hills Tower
North of Vinewood Hills (however still within the district) is a nice, S-formed lake. On the east aspect of it is a small, white tower with a component on its roof. You cannot climb it; you can’t pull a car up to it. All you are able to do is a) land a helicopter on the roof or b) parachute right down to it. Make your selection and take the plunge. I recommend landing, as a result of you have a really long solution to journey back should you stone island size large miss with the parachute, but… your name.

Forty one.) Vinewood Hills Tower
Whether or not you had been successful or not with the previous half, you may nonetheless make use of this lake. Swim to the southern curve within the lake, the place the water terminates at a big concrete barrier. Search for a scaffold attached to the wall and dive beneath it. You may find a component at the underside of the water.

Forty two.) GWC and Golfing Society
Head to the ritzy golf membership in Vinewood. In the south of the course is a water entice, and in the course of the water lure is a small island. Guess the place the half is waiting.

43.) Richards Majestic
Enter the Richards Majestic lot and head in direction of the back of the lot, the place they keep a inexperienced screened set filled with homes. Climb round on the roofs of the houses and you will find the half. (Watch out when you search for this half – solely Michael’s allowed on the lot later on, and before then… effectively, security won’t be comfortable in the event that they see you.)

Forty four.) Burton Resort
There’s a large, beige resort down the road from the local Los Santos Customs branch. Seize a chopper and fly it to the roof, or pilot a aircraft over and jump out. On the roof you may discover a drained pool. The half is inside.

45.) Rockford Plaza
The Rockford Plaza, practically across the street from the lodge in the previous part, has a collection of roads operating by way of it. Enter through the rear of the plaza and you may find a highway leading to a small loop with a grassy section. Jump out and examine the grass for another piece, hidden within the greenery.

46.) Penris Building
Located in Billbox Hill, not removed from the Medical Centre, the Penris Building is distinct solely because it has some components on its roof. You don’t have much selection within the matter – grab a chopper and alight up there to get it.

Forty seven.) Underground
This is a tricky one. In order to choose up this piece, it’s essential to enter the tunnels beneath Los Santos. There are many ways to take action, though the closest is by way of the canal in East Vinewood. Drop down into the concrete and you may see a tunnel nearby which you can drive or run into. Follow the canal’s tunnels until you discover a large-open space beneath Pillbox. Off to the aspect of the tracks are the components.

(I recommend killing yourself to get back out once more. It’s quicker.)
Forty eight.) Textile City

East of Pillbox, nestled between two buildings, is a skinny alley the place a ton of textile merchants have arrange shop – therefore, Textile City. (There’s a Film Theatre across the street in the event you need guidance.) Wander by the alley till you see a sign with ‘Fabric’ because the final word. Beside a ladder to the side of this stall are the parts.

49.) Liquor Gap
Look for the large store referred to as the Loquor Hole simply north of the Vespucci Canals. On the rear of the shop is a pole with a ladder. The half is at the very high.

50.) stone island size large Airport
The ultimate spaceship half will be discovered at Los Santos International Airport. It is positioned at the rear of the south-east constructing on the lot, basically overlooking the ocean. It is extremely, Extremely advised that you utilize a boat to infiltrate the rear of the airport, relatively than going by the entrance – you’ll face very stiff competition from the autorities if you happen to try to bust down the gate and energy your manner in.

After you have found all of them, make your manner again to Omega. Your prize for victory is… properly, you will see. Yoooooou’ll see.

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