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The most effective European Jackets Just Landed Stateside

13OZ Medium Vintage Wash Denim Slim Fit JeansStone Island was actually born in Italy back in 1982 as a secondary line to popular outerwear brand C.P. Company, and was later embraced with rain-soaked arms in England. But certainly not is this a small indie label (the new York store is its 20th on the earth). That said, you know a Stone Island piece when you see it. We don’t stone island shadow project 14 mean that in some romantic manner, either—we’re just saying nearly every little thing in the collection features the S.I. Stone Island Clothes logo. We’re talking iridescent jackets, wool beanies, slim-cut sturdy knits, and cotton T-shirts that all come commonplace with Stone Island branding proudly displayed. The brand’s customary left arm-sleeve tag is a badge of honor for individuals who wear it, from A$AP members to badass Brit Jason Statham.

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