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Monterey Masonry, located in southwestern Massachusetts, searches continuously for antique and onerous-to-find stone components for your own home and garden. We now have dismantled colonial fireplaces which you may reconstruct in your new or antique house. We’ve got hearth stones, cheek stones, lintels, steps, landings, gateposts, wall copings, columns, bollards, and singular items like unique New England millstones and effectively stones. We have pallets of uncommon stones for chimneys, walls, veneers, terraces and pathways.

We sell to garden designers, architects, masons, and individual shoppers.
Below is a sampling of among the treasures in our stone yard. Our newly added objects appear at the highest – test again often to see what’s new!

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Kind By:DefaultCategoryIDFOBPrice (Low to High)Worth (High to Low)Show Solely: AllBricks Antique Bluestone Sidewalks Limestone Granite Garden Fireplace Brownstone Bluestone Quartzite Marble Cobblestones Fieldstone Schist
Sold – Large brownstone touchdown and step

Bought – nineteenth Century East Longmeadow brownstone – the red stuff. The touchdown measures eighty five-1/2″ x 39″ x eight-1/2″; the step measures 86″ x sixteen” x 9-1/2″. Comes with two returns.

“Waterslang” 2015 stone sculpture
Stone.Glass.Water 75″ X forty two” X 10″ Artist: Mark Mendel. Created for exhibit on the Berkshire Botanical Backyard, Stockbridge, MA through October 2015. Design input for pond in permanent installation includes proprietor. Paul Rocheleau Photographer

Stone Troughs
We make these stone troughs at our workshop in the winter out of 19th c. granite blocks. The insides are tapered so ice won’t injury them. Use them as a horse trough, fountain, or we will put drains in them to be used as planters. The smaller one is 103″ lengthy x 22″ high and 20″ huge; the larger is 129″ long x 24″ excessive x 23″ broad.

Marble steps
Marble steps from a demolished church. Alabaster white. 8′ lengthy with a rise of 6.5″ and a run of eleven-12″. The rises have a rock face and the runs have an exquisite previous patina.

Recycled schist
Recycled schist paving from the 1950’s. Large slabs 2″ thick sawn on four sides and with sawn bottoms. Paving slabs 30” broad in lengths 30 inches to six toes. Common length is 4 to five toes.

Antique Bluestone
Antique Bluestone. Massive amount of lovely outdated sidewalks. We’re getting extra in. Giant pieces. Best situation we’ve seen in some time.

Antique bluestone sidewalks.

Sidewalks from Greene St.Soho, NYC
Very massive granite sidewalks, 10 in. thick. Be aware: Massive 9 ft full slabs are offered. We still have about a hundred sq. feet of assorted 10″ thick pieces of varied shapes.

Antique Boston Pavers
We’ve about 6,000 of those beauties! They’re the nicest ones we have seen in fairly a while.

Two Large Granite Landings
Two massive Granite landings, measuring 102″ x 52″ x 9.5″ and 105″ x 53.5″ x 9″

Birdbath Boulder
This can be a birdbath we made out of an outdated boulder.

Antique Stair Stringers
An alternative to gate posts: You possibly can install a pair of these old granite stair stringers at the entrance to your driveway or because the gateway to your garden. The stair steps are good for flowerpots, found objects, whatever. Use your imagination! The photograph on the appropriate reveals some stair stringers as displayed in Maria Nation’s garden.

Sold: Very Large Antique Bluestone slabs
Bought: Every stone is 9 ft. Three in. x 7 ft. Eight in. x 6 in. thick. These are superb and uncommon. Each stone is approximately 71 sq. ft. Stunning for a terrace. You will not see these come alongside once more.

Antique Bluestone Sidewalks (5730)
If you are restoring the sidewalk in entrance of your brownstone and wish to be historically correct you want to make use of these previous sidewalk stones.

Antique Bluestone Sidewalks (5733)
These are original bluestone sidewalks, salvaged from towns within the Northeast. The sizes are various, sometimes 3’ x 3’ and bigger.Squares and rectangles. They’re 3” to 5” thick. A 3’ x 4’ piece will weigh approximately 700 lbs.

Antique bluestone terrace
Antique bluestone terrace.

Sold: Antique American Midwest limestone sidewalks. (4789)
Offered: These pieces have been a facet stroll in front of a 19th century opera house. Big slabs, 5”-6” thick, sizes from 3’ x 4’ to 5’ x 8’. Incredible patina, pale honey color.

Great Meadow Limestone wallstone. (4820)
Great Meadow Limestone wallstone. Stunning dove grey color. Wall stone & veneer in inventory.

Offered: Antique limestone block with hand dressed faces.
Offered: Antique Limestone weathered fence posts – American Midwest (5270)

Antique Limestone weathered fence posts – American Midwest (5270). 5.5′ x 9” x 9”
Limestone brackets (5281)

Limestone brackets, nice piece for garden or backyard entrance. (5281)
Fossil element fence put up. (5273)

Bought: Long granite step. (4797)
Sold: Fourteen foot lengthy granite steps.(4797). 8” rise, 13” – 14” run. * only 1 left in stock

Granite step returns. (4823)
Granite step returns (4823). Could possibly be used as a backyard pot holder. 30” x 42” x eight.5”

Offered: Granite landing. (4826)
Bought: Granite landing (4826). 3’ x 7.5’ x 5’

Sold: Turned granite columns. (4828)
Sold: Body your backyard view. Stable Salt and Pepper granite columns from a nineteenth century New England church. Eleven ft. 9 in. x 20 in. diameter.

Cut up granite posts. (4831)
Cut up granite posts (4831). Roughly 6’ – 8’ lengthy, 8” x 8”.

Sold: Granite touchdown – Rhode Island pink
Bought: Granite touchdown – Rhode Island pink. 67” x 36” x 12”.

Misc. Granite steps. (4843)
Misc. Granite steps. (4843) Call for more particulars, now we have many in stock in varied shapes, sizes, and colors.

Offered: Spectacular Landing
Bought: Spectacular Landing (4846). 7’10” x 5’6” x 8″. Lovely patina.

Granite lintel, very best for mantel (4848)
Granite lintel, supreme for mantel (4848). 76” x 9”D x 5″H

Granite posts. (4850)
Granite posts. (4850) * 8’5” x 8” x 8”

14’ granite step. (5235)
Victorian college house granite landing – excellent situation. (5238)

Victorian college house granite landing – excellent situation. (5238) * 8’ x 26” x 8” * 13’ x 13” x 9” Victorian steps

Offered: Granite step
Offered: Original granite front step from 1785 house (5239).

Pair of granite steps. (5241)
Pair of granite steps (5241). (1) 8’ 6” x 20” x eight 1/2”, (2) 8’ 7” x 26” x 8”

Granite set (5243)
Granite set (5243). 59” x 25” x 11”.

Antique bluestone window lintels (4800)
Antique bluestone window lintels (4800). Perfect for fireplace lintels & mantels. 4’ x 8” x 5”

Swirly antique bluestone backyard piece (4802)
Swirly antique bluestone backyard piece (4802). 4’ x 3’ x 8”

Antique bluestone slabs (5232)
Antique bluestone slabs (5232). Rare stones, hand completed, very tough to search out. Very best to be used as a backyard pedestrian bridge or handicap ramp. 16’ 2” x 32” x 4”

Large Bluestone Quarry Slabs (5734)
Large Bluestone Quarry Slabs (5734) * Pieces 6′ x 8′ and bigger. We have now a growth truck that may ship these stones to your entrance door.

Offered: Antique brownstone lintels (4807)
Sold: Antique brownstone lintels (4807). Origin: East Longmeadow, the uncommon stuff; rich pink colour. 7’ x 13” x 10”. Could be re-sawn into steps.

Offered: Antique Brownstone 18th century tavern steps, from the Connecticut river valley.
Offered: Antique Brownstone 18th century tavern steps, from the Connecticut River valley. Very rare. Touchdown 54” x 30” x 8”, steps (2) 54” x 12” x 8”.

Antique Brownstone wall coping and pilaster caps. (5263)
Antique Brownstone wall coping and pilaster caps. Distinctive hand work. Extremely rare. Cape – 16 x 4’ x 6” – one hundred ten lineal ft. Py – 24 x 24 x 6 – (11)

Antique brownstone blocks. (5283)
Antique fireplace components. (5212)

Antique fireplace components. (5212) The fireplace and hearth were the center of the colonial home. We now have full dismantled fireplaces on hand, together with hearth, mantle, lintel, cheek stones, bake oven lintels, & sills. Every is unique.

Antique fireplace elements. (5213)
Antique fireplace components (5213). Authentic 18th c. fireplace. These would work in new properties in addition to in a restoration. Maybe you’ve gotten bought an 18th century home and you can see that a fireplace has been eliminated. Now you possibly can recreate it with these authentic components.

Carved Granite newel posts. (5225)
Carved Granite newel posts.

Bought: Brownstone Steps
Newel posts, tall. (5230)

Newel posts, brief. (5231)
Offered: Original front step granite from 1785 house. (5237)

Sold: Unique entrance step granite from 1785 house. (5237) * Uncommon, authentic, antique twin boot scraper

Offered: Giant boulder chook bath
Offered: Giant boulder fowl bath.

Sold: Nicely Cover
Bought: Well Cowl.

Pair of granite bases for flowers or sculpture. (5240)
Pair of granite bases for flowers or sculpture (5240). 30” excessive x 15” x 15”

Assorted bollards.(4812)
Bollards are conventional for crowd and site visitors management. They stick up approximately 20″ above grade. Decorative, however will defend your lawn in opposition to wayward snowplows.

Carved “bench” to construct into stonewall (4835)
Carved “bench” to build into stonewall (4835) * 54” x 15” x 15”

Bought: Antique granite properly stone (5218)
Offered: Late 18th early 19th century. Uncommon single piece. Monumental stone.

Bought: Granite sculpture or pot base. (5242)
Sold: Granite sculpture or pot base (5242). Good outdated hand finish, 3’ x 3’ x 11”

Carved Granite newel posts. (5221)
Ribbed Standing Collar Zipped Placket Sweater In Light GreyNow we have 2 pair in stock. The Higher newel pair are roughly 3’ tall and the decrease pair are roughly 2’ tall. It ‘s unlikely that you’d use these as newels, but each would make sensational garden gates with an urn or a pot.

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