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Wood Vs. Granite

There was a time when there was solely ever one material used to make a kitchen worktop and that was wood. Reasonably priced, pliable, stylish and sturdy, all the elemental qualities wanted in a wooden worktop.

Nowadays there are many alternative supplies that can adorn the tops of your kitchen models, similar to granite, limestone, stainless steel, composite stone, glass and laminate. But one material specifically turned the must-have worktop within the late nineties and early noughties… Granite.

You couldn’t watch an episode of MTV Cribs without seeing a huge breakfast island made out of sparkly granite – it turned extremely fascinating. And then everybody seemed to need it… Many fashion specialists imagine that granite goes out of fashion, primarily as a result of – as with all fashions – it has grow to be too standard, or dare I say, widespread.

Research has shown, notably within the UK, that individuals at the moment are shunning granite in favour of more eco friendly materials. The most eco friendly of them all is, in fact, wood and so we now have come full circle and are again where we started. Now, greater than ever, individuals are involved about international warming and have gotten extra conscious of the dangers of buying anything that has to be put into land fill.

And the selection of wood worktops is vast, with many various textures, shades and colours out there. Timeless woods resembling oak, walnut, beech and maple stay highly regarded, but Limba wood and West African Iroko are amongst essentially the most desired picket worktops.

The fantastic thing about a wooden worktop, and indeed, anything made from high quality wood, is the best way that it adjustments shade regularly with age, your wooden worktop will change by means of time as a result of it is after all eco friendly.

Wood can also be very hygienic as a result of it incorporates anti bacterial qualities – analysis has proven that wood is a safer materials than different supplies when in touch with meals. Wooden worktops are also easy to clean – stone island micro ripstop 7 den down jacket burns and marks will be sanded down and oil utilized to cowl up the affected area stone island micro ripstop 7 den down jacket – it’s as simple as that. Many granite surfaces require a special cleansing agent – which isn’t cheap – to be used as general anti bacterial cleaners can dull the sparkle of granite. Many wood worktops require oiling a couple of times a yr, which is easy sufficient to do.

And better of all, especially in a time of recession, wood is so much cheaper than various supplies – especially granite. Kitchen refurbishment will be very expensive, particularly in the event you go for granite worktops. Granite is a really strong and heavy materials and if used, needs to be laid onto strengthened kitchen models, increasing supplies that means a rise in value.

Granite worktops are best set in a contemporary kitchen design as country type and granite, in my view, doesn’t suit – it might probably look gaudy! Island Wooden comes out on prime again in this respect as nation style kitchens really need wooden worktops to complete the look.

Wood worktops are versatile as they may also be made to fit superbly in a contemporary kitchen, with the grain of the wood providing sleek, clear lines which can be so essential. The darkish tones of Walnut and maple are elegant and perfect for that sleekness and fresh appeal that so many persons are after.

Wood is again and higher than ever! It can prevent a packet as well.

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Shaun Parker is a kitchen specialist with many years of experience in kitchen design. Find out more about fashionable kitchen worktops at

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