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Crackpot Theories: The Doom That Got here To Valyria

It was written that on the day of Doom each hill for 5 hundred miles had split asunder to fill the air with ash and smoke and fireplace, blazes so hot and hungry that even the dragons in the sky had been engulfed and consumed. Great rents had opened in the earth, swallowing palaces, temples, entire towns. Lakes boiled or turned to acid, mountains burst, fiery fountains spewed molten rock a thousand toes into the air, crimson clouds rained down dragonglass and the black blood of demons, and to the north the bottom splintered and collapsed and fell in on itself and an offended sea came dashing in. The proudest metropolis in all the world was gone straight away, its fabled empire vanished in a day, the Lands of the Long Summer season scorched and drowned and blighted.

An empire constructed on blood and fire. The Valyrians reaped the seed they’d sown.

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(From the Slaver’s Bay map of The Lands of Ice and Fire)

It wasn’t just the Valyrian Peninsula that was affected, but an island off the coast submerged.
On the day the Doom got here to Valyria, it was mentioned, a wall of water three hundred toes high had descended on the island, drowning tons of of 1000’s of men, girls, and kids, leaving none to tell the tale however some fisherfolk who had been at sea and a handful of Velosi spearmen posted in a stout stone tower on the island’s highest hill, who had seen the hills and valleys beneath them turn into a raging sea. Honest Velos with its palaces of cedar and pink marble had vanished in a heartbeat. On the north finish of the island, the historic brick partitions and stepped pyramids of the slaver port Ghozai had suffered the same destiny.

My first thought was Krakatoa, 1883.
Not solely did the main island of Krakatoa shattered into items, a distant coastal city known as Merak (together with a hundred others) was submerged in a tsunami.

(Picture from Wikipedia)
The precise cause for the eruption was debated for some time, and the idea that sea water flooded into the magma chamber causing the explosion, was changed by the idea that hot magma blended with chilly magma and precipitated the eruption – both instances agree that the pressure constructed up went ballistic.

(Art by Severino Baraldi)
Coming back to Valyria, it is doubtless that the ring of volcanoes identified because the Fourteen Fires had been subjected to something very comparable, leading to eruptions, earthquakes and complete annihilation. The precise cause that triggered that is unknown – it could have been the work of gods, sorcerers or nature’s fury. Or, it’s this crackpot principle.

Potential spoilers from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons
The Faceless Males orchestrated the Doom of Valyria

The Kindly Man’s narrative of the primary Faceless Man (emphasis mine):
“Burnt and blackened corpses have been oft present in shafts where the rocks had been cracked or stuffed with holes. But nonetheless the mines drove deeper. Slaves perished by the score, but their masters didn’t care. Red gold and yellow gold and silver have been reckoned to be more precious than the lives of slaves, for slaves had been cheap in the old Freehold. During battle, the Valyrians took them by the hundreds. In occasions of peace they bred them, though solely the worst had been despatched all the way down to die in the pink darkness.”

“Did not the slaves rise up and combat ”
“Some did,” he stated. “Revolts have been widespread in the mines, however few completed a lot. The dragonlords of the outdated Freehold were sturdy in sorcery, and lesser men defied them at their peril. The first Faceless Man was one who did.”

“Who was he ” Arya blurted, earlier than she stopped to think.
“Nobody,” he answered. “Some say he was a slave himself. Others insist he was a freeholder’s son, born of noble inventory. Some will even let you know he was an overseer who took pity on his expenses. The reality is, no one knows. Whoever he was, he moved amongst the slaves and would hear them at their prayers. Males of a hundred completely different nations labored within the mines, and each prayed to his personal god in his personal tongue, yet all were praying for the same factor. It was release they asked for, an end to pain. A small factor, and easy. Yet their gods made no reply, and their suffering went on. Are their gods all deaf he puzzled… till a realization came upon him, one night stone island flowing camo reflex mat jacket within the pink darkness.

“All gods have their devices, men and women who serve them and assist to work their will on earth. The slaves weren’t crying out to a hundred completely different gods, because it seemed, however to at least one god with a hundred completely different faces… and he was that god’s instrument. That very night he chose probably the most wretched of the slaves, the one who had prayed most earnestly for launch, and freed him from his bondage. The primary reward had been given.”

Arya drew again from him. “He killed the slave ” That did not sound proper. “He ought to have killed the masters!”

“He would bring the reward to them as well… but that is a tale for an additional day, one finest shared with no one.”

It seems attainable that the Faceless Males (He gathered more slaves to his trigger as he answered their prayers to kill others and requested their service as payment.) had been one way or the other responsible for triggering the volcanic eruption.

They might have tunneled by the varied chambers below the Fourteen Fires, and made the sea water seep inside, slowly building up the strain and making the volcanoes explode. Not less than one in every of them escaped to Braavos and establish the Order, later constructing the Home of Black and White.

Whereas we’re in crackpot theories, there’s the likelihood that this set off took a really long time to return to fruition, and through that time the primary Faceless Man needed to spare his family from the destruction and asked them to flee. The first Faceless Man might have been a Targaryen. Valar Morghulis.

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