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Surviving A 24-Hour Meals Tour

Some leered into the pig intestines and prayed there have been no “stuff” still stuck inside, as the whole platter of pig offal stew stared at them, for brunch. Some just went for a bit of the accompanying sheet noodles. As the host of this distinctive meals tour, I inspired journey with a ineffective “eat first, ask later or do not even ask” order. It was scary as a participant, not realizing what else was ahead when this was among the first order of the day.

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But there was no stuff inside, as these got here pre-authorized and cleansed from the suppliers. It was no relieve although, as stone island blue overshirt one other 23 hours of non-cease-scarfing-down lay forward at this probably world’s first 24-hour meals tour held lately in sunny Singapore. Mind you, the “sunny” was the very last thing these 35 world media meals commentators, bloggers and writers have been involved about. With about 1,350 minutes left to go and with no official program, it was like a blind and hungry lion set loose in a huge petting zoo with elephants inside. All of the organizers, the World Avenue Meals Congress, needed to do was to present all of them an concept of the behind the scenes, life and times of a city with a buzzy 24/7 avenue food culture- who sold, who ate, the politics of eating , the economics of $3 chicken rice and the souls who defend meals heritage of this most cherished avenue meals tradition- a prelude to their subsequent occasion’s theme in 2015. They survived the pig offals or kway chap phase with no casualties.

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